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Wedding Photo Tips From Doug Krier

Wedding Planning – 04.05.21

This guest blog was written by Doug Krier, one of Combermere Abbey’s recommended wedding photographers. Below, Doug talks through his 8 wedding photo tips for getting the best images, and what you should look out for when choosing a supplier.

Your wedding day is perhaps the most important day of your life, a wedding photographer has a monumental responsibility in capturing your special moments so that you can remember them forever. It’s often said that the day itself goes by very quickly, so wedding photography and videography means you can relive your day over and over again with your loved ones. It’s as if you’re experiencing it for the first time all over again.

This means, as photographers, we have a lot of pressure to capture your wedding photographs exactly how you’d like them. We’re not just taking photos; we’re capturing memories and emotions from your wedding day and placing them in a capsule to be cherished forever. We’re experts in our trade and often come with years of experience, but to get the most out of your photographer; it’s a good idea to understand and be able to convey what you’re expecting too. Here are my top 8 wedding photo tips for capturing the best memories possible.

8 Wedding Photo Tips For The Best Photos

Style First, Photographer Second

A big mistake that couples make when choosing their wedding photographer, is trying to join their styles together when, like a disjointed puzzle, the pieces don’t fit. My recommendation would be to think about the kind of photography you want (posed, candid, maybe a bit of both…?) and then work from there. You should research photographers who offer the kind of style that you are looking for. Trying to change a photographer’s unique way of photographing means you could end up getting pictures that neither of you are truly happy with. This would be my number one piece of advice. Instagram and Pinterest are two great sources of inspiration, and it’s better to start researching sooner rather than later.

Wedding Photo Tips from Doug Krier

Don’t Overthink It

Most couples tend to opt for relaxed and candid photography that captures the raw emotions of their wedding day. However, we do understand that it can be hard not to but try not to overthink your photography when the camera is on you. Wedding photographers like myself like to work with natural reactions and emotions, so this works best when you aren’t focusing on the photography. Remember this. Of course, there’s always the opportunity for a few more artsy shots too – down by the Combermere mere is one of my favourite spots – but for the most part, it’s all about capturing the atmosphere of the day.

Let The Photographer Know What You Want

If you have a burning desire to recreate a certain wedding photograph that you’ve seen or have a quirky idea that you’d like to try out, then please tell us. We’ll always do our best to accommodate your requests. I’ve had couples try out all sorts of fun poses on their wedding day, and these end up being some of the best as they capture your own individual personalities. If there are also certain poses or angles that you’d like to avoid, then be sure to let your photographer know as early as you can. It’s not a good outcome for either of you if you’re uncomfortable with certain photographs being taken, so communication is key.

Remember Every Moment Is Special

Morning jitters might be kicking in on your wedding day, and you might be in a hurry to get dressed and out the door as soon as possible but savour the experience and let us capture it for you. Shots such as tying ties, getting the dress on, having your hair and makeup done or even having a cheeky tipple with your groomsmen are all cherished moments that you’ll look back on and be glad that you didn’t rush through. Pre-ceremony photography also captures the final moments before you become a married couple, so give us the chance to take those photographs for you and help you remember those moments forever.

Take Some Quiet Moments Together

Your wedding day can be a very busy affair, meeting and talking with a whole host of guests, and generally just having a great time. It’s sometimes described as a whirlwind. Due to this, we often find that couples don’t actually spend all that much time together on their big day. To combat this, try and take 5-10 minutes out of each hour to go for a quiet stroll with your partner and catch up on the day. Not only does this help bring you both back to reality, but those quiet moments also make for some of the most beautiful and intimate wedding photos. In a venue like Combermere, there are many locations that are just perfect for this kind of photography, I’ve found. Whether it’s along the walled gardens, down by the mere or through the woodlands – there’s plenty of space for quiet reflection and gorgeous photographs.

Keep Your Kisses Natural

If I’m being honest, there is often a lot of pressure on getting your first kiss as a married couple right. All eyes will be on you, and it’s also often one of the best photo opportunities too. But… Try and keep calm. From years of experience, I’d say to not overthink it, keep it short and sweet but also meaningful. It’s easier said than done but try to imagine it’s just you and your partner in the room. The raw, honest, and intimate shots are often the best. Don’t try and change anything or be too posey – as the photo will only end up looking insincere and perhaps even a little forced.

Wedding Photo Tips from Doug Krier

Don’t Forget The (Sustainable) Confetti

After the ceremony, confetti moments are a must. Not only is it traditional to have your guests (supposedly a way to say ‘congratulations’ to a couple and wish a lifetime of luck, fertility, prosperity, and happiness upon them) throw confetti, but it also creates the best wedding photos. The post-vow shot that guests (so kindly for us) decorate with confetti and laugh is often one of the most emotional and enthusiastic photos in any wedding photographer’s portfolio. There’s no happiness quite like it. Though confetti throwing is not as traditional as it once was, we urge you not to forget about it – the photos are just so fantastic. There are more sustainable routes for your confetti moments now than traditional paper confetti, that have entirely the same effect (both on the camera and in real life). As part of its sustainability promise, Combermere Abbey does not permit paper confetti but does encourage throwing petals or rice to celebrate the newlyweds’ happiness.

Make Use Of Your Surroundings

Finally, don’t overlook both your surroundings and the assets of your wedding day as fantastic photo backdrops. I do many shots alongside the famous Combermere Abbey Crossley car, these make for some of the best wedding photos. Many couples also love to have their picture taken with the Abbey in the background; it ends up being a very unique and stylish shot. One of my top pieces of advice for your wedding photos would be to make use of absolutely everything around you. Woodland and garden shots are very popular, as they should be, but there are so many other opportunities available too. The more the better.

Wedding Photo Tips from Doug Krier

More Wedding Photo Tips?

If you have any further tips that you’d add for getting the best wedding photos, feel free to reach out to Combermere Abbey on social media.

Doug Krier is one of Combermere Abbey’s top recommended suppliers and has photographed many weddings over the years here. His contemporary approach when shooting weddings evokes the true emotion and narrative of the day. The classical approach is timeless, and he works tirelessly in an unobtrusive, friendly, and relaxed manner on the day. There are no bells and whistles, no over the top filters or moody backgrounds, just pure, elegant, delightful wedding photos.