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Intimate Weddings vs Grand Celebrations, What’s Best For You?

Weddings – 08.07.21

The challenges our industry has seen over the past year has meant a change in how weddings take place. It’s certainly been tough, and our hearts go out to all our couples who were meant to exchange their vows not just at Combermere Abbey, but everywhere throughout 2020 and this year. We’re looking forward to finally resuming the postponed weddings and seeing so many happy couples getting ready to embark on their futures together.

As restrictions begin to lift, what type of wedding will you be aspiring to? We covered in a previous blog that intimate weddings were becoming popular even before the pandemic. But there’s no denying how much fun a grand celebration can be with all your family and friends around you, creating a vibrant party energy as you take your first steps into marriage.

Credit: David Stubbs Photography

So, which is best for you, an intimate wedding or a larger celebration?

Opting For an Intimate Wedding 

Having an intimate wedding is ideal if you’re looking to make it deeply personal or to keep a lower budget. Less expenses means more money to save for the honeymoon of your dreams.

Having a guest list with just your nearest and dearest keeps the day more relaxed and of course an intimate wedding requires less planning and attention, which means you can spend more time mingling with your guests.

Some wedding venues have accommodation on-site, perfect for extending the nuptials. At Combermere Abbey we have 10 self-catering cottages, ideal for turning a wedding day into a weekend celebration with family and friends.

Credit: Helen Williams Photography

Although we are all looking forward to the lifting of government restrictions later this month, we know that Covid will continue to be around. Therefore, it will be our individual responsibility at Combermere Abbey to manage our events safely. All of this means, though, that you’ll have lots of options with Combermere Abbey to create your own special memorable event.

Big Wedding, Big Ideas 

After the year we’ve had, it’s safe to say that your sights may be set on a huge wedding – the kind of event that has everyone on the guest list. After a long period of restrictions on socialising, we certainly wouldn’t blame you if you opted for a grand wedding.

If you’ve got a lot of special people in your life, a grand wedding is ideal for accommodating everyone. At Combermere, our self-catering cottages accommodate up to 49 guests, meaning your closest family and friends won’t have to book a hotel further away from the venue.

It’s an opportunity to make up for lost time too, so why not go all out and have plenty of fun? With a bigger wedding, more attention will be paid to venue dressing, as you’ll have more space to work with. Here at Combermere, our Pavilion is a purposefully blank canvas for venue dressing, ideal for any theme, colour or design. The ceiling is also complete with twinkling lights, so it will feel as if you’re dancing under the stars.

Speaking of dancing… A bigger wedding means plenty of people to fill the dance floor, when restrictions allow for this. Our Pavilion has a fabulous dance floor, separated from the reception area by white threads cascading from the ceiling. You may think a bigger dance floor is the way to go but you’ll find a smaller dance floor is always better for offering that party vibe! Of course, this would not be complete without a DJ or a band and if you’re having a big celebration, music is a must.

Credit: Paul Joseph Photography

There’s a lot to consider when planning what type of wedding you want, whether it’s more low-key or a lavish celebration – it’s important to go with your own wedding vision. If you want the best of both worlds, an intimate wedding followed by a big party at a later date is an ideal compromise. This is also particularly ideal for those with families overseas who are having difficulty travelling at the moment, why not have a small ceremony that can be shared via live stream (something we can now accommodate), and then get the party started at a later date when it’s safe to do so?

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