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Combermere Abbey - Wedding venue in Cheshire


The Gardens

© Simon J Newbury Photography

The Walled Gardens

The beautiful Walled Gardens remind us of days gone by, although these are now home to our exclusive wedding venue. Lovingly restored by the current owners, general access is restricted, as is strictly by appointment.

The Pleasure Garden

Within an area of woodland outside the Walled Gardens, this lovely space is an uplifting place to wander through, meditate or just ponder. It is populated with wonderful specimen trees brought back from overseas adventures during the late 19th century, including cedar of Lebanon, Wellingtonia, Swamp Cypress and Tulip trees as well as an orchard of ‘Lord Combermere’ apple trees.

The Garden

This magnificent ancient woodland was restored in recent years. Full of hornbeam, beech and oaks, it boasts wonderful views directly on to the lake. Enjoy walks to the water’s edge with viewing places to admire the wildlife and water fowl.

Set within the Walled Gardens, the The Geometic Garden was designed by Peter Beckett in 1993. The first of the three gardens to be restored, the design creates a series of ‘rooms’ on both sides of a central espaliered hornbeam avenue, Each planting is of a different shape – circle, square, triangle and rectangle – with a varied emphasis in planting and colour.

2007 saw the restoration of the once derelict Edwardian Glasshouse at the top of the Walled Gardens. Retaining its original walls and footprint, this beautiful fan-shaped building has come back to life as an exciting new space for weddings, dinners and garden events. Doors from this elegant space open directly in to the ‘eye’ of the fruit tree maze.

The Fruit Maze

In 1992, the only fruit tree maze in the world was created in the third Walled Gardens. Surrounding the Edwardian Glasshouse, the maze consists of apple and pear trees, forming passages of more than half a mile in to the centre and back again. The exceptional annual crop of fruit is made into delicious fresh pressed juices.

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