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Combermere Abbey’s Guide To Intimate Weddings

Weddings – 21.07.20

Intimate weddings could well be a thing of the future. After Coronavirus has postponed a number of events this year, it seems likely that the first ceremonies allowed to resume will be small, intimate celebrations, even outdoor weddings.

Currently, wedding receptions of up to 30 people can take place.

As the country eases out of lockdown, it could very well be the case that the first types of celebrations permitted will be intimate weddings for small groups of friends and family.

What Is An Intimate Wedding?

Intimate weddings are very small celebrations that we would define as having around 50 guests.

The average wedding has 82 day guests and 103 evening guests, so this is quite a difference. The wedding day usually includes all of the usual components, the vows, ceremony and celebrations – just with fewer people than usual, typically just close friends and family.

Intimate weddings still have to take place in a licensed venue, such as our Edwardian Glasshouse, for example.

Why Consider An Intimate Wedding?

Intimate weddings have been a growing trend, even before the Coronavirus outbreak. More and more bridal parties are opting for these smaller gatherings, as an alternative to a more traditional larger celebration. There are many reasons why you might want to consider an intimate wedding…

  • Lower Costs – as a rule, intimate weddings cost less as there are fewer guests to pay for. We are currently offering a package deal for our venue and accommodation for weddings in September, October November and December in 2021. It’s an offer that’s ideal for both intimate weddings, as well as bigger occasions – you can get in touch with our team to find out more about that.
  • Closeness & Involvement – we’ve found that couples also like intimate weddings as it allows their close friends and family to feel more involved in their special day. Guests can be a part of every step of the celebration, and intimate weddings normally include all the normal traditions that a larger wedding does such as speeches, first dances, cake cutting and so on.
  • Options To Extend A Celebration – if opting for an intimate wedding with fewer guests than a normal wedding, then it’s more likely that your guests can stay close by overnight – and your celebrations could perhaps be extended for a weekend. Many of our couples opt to have their wedding at Combermere Abbey because there are 10 self-catering cottages on site (as well as the North Wing bridal suite for the bride and groom). If you have an intimate wedding here, this could mean that all of your guests could stay on the estate and you could have a wider celebration that includes picnics by the mere, al-fresco dining in the cottage gardens and more. All accommodation must be booked out when in conjunction with a wedding, this will sleep 49 people.
  • More Relaxed – many couples enjoy a big celebration surrounded by friends and family; others might feel daunted by the idea. Intimate weddings are generally considered to be more relaxing, as there’s less planning involved and a fewer number of guests to manage. You can also spend more time with your loved ones this way too.

How Do You Have An Intimate Wedding? Ideas & Inspiration From The Team…

Intimate weddings don’t have to look any different from a typical wedding day. Many are still hosted in venues and can be dressed the same. The only real difference is the number of guests.

We’ve hosted many large celebrations here at Combermere Abbey, but we’ve also had some intimate weddings here too. There is nothing you need to do differently to have a smaller wedding, you can still plan it as though you were having a bigger wedding, but just to plan for fewer guests. You may want to have more guest involvement for catering and music choices, for example, but this, of course, is entirely up to you.

Here’s some inspiration from past Combermere Abbey weddings, to inspire you for planning your own intimate wedding.

Saying Your Vows Outside

Venue Dressing

Family Time

Personal Wedding Favours

Serene & Secluded Wedding Photographs

Evening Celebrations

If you’re interested in an intimate wedding at our Cheshire wedding venue, Combermere Abbey, then why not get in touch with our wedding planning team? You can discuss your ideas for your big day, and enquire about date availability via our contact form. Remember we’re offering a fantastic package deal for weddings in September, October, November and December in 2021.

With thanks for the lovely images: Doug Krier, Saint Wedding Photography, Declan West Wedding Photography, PB Artworks & Steeve Rooney 💕