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Outdoor Weddings: Everything You Need To Know About Getting Married Outside

Weddings - 18.06.20

Outdoor weddings could well be the future of marriage ceremonies for some time, but we see that as a positive thing. Getting married outside is a unique and vibrant experience, one that we are proud to offer at our renowned Cheshire wedding venue, Combermere Abbey.

An option that’s become a growing trend over the last few years, outdoor weddings aren’t a new concept but they’re certainly one that we predict will be popular in the future. Reinforced by the increase of brides and grooms wanting to pay it forward on their special day by hosting a sustainable wedding.

We’re well versed in hosting the most beautiful weddings, both inside and outside. So, our wedding planning team have put together a short guide on everything you need to know about getting married outside.

Can You Legally Get Married Outside In The UK?

First and foremost, is it legal to have an outdoor wedding in the UK? Under current laws, you are legally permitted to be married in any licensed venue. You cannot currently marry in a completely open space, but you can conduct almost all of the ceremony outside in Cheshire except the signing of the register. Last year the Government announced it was reviewing this rule. As long as you sign the register in a licensed structure, you can technically host a wedding ceremony outdoors in England.

Outdoor Weddings: Everything You Need To Know About Getting Married Outside

This is one of the things that makes Combermere Abbey so popular. Many wedding parties at Combermere opt for a wedding ceremony outdoors, in the middle of the fruit tree maze, where you’ll also find our Edwardian Glasshouse. Other brides and grooms, particularly those getting married in the summer, say their vows inside the Glasshouse with the doors open, gazing out onto the beautiful scene that our maze and gardens create.

What Is The Best Season For Outdoor Weddings In The UK?

In light of current circumstances, you might be looking to change your wedding season, or planning ahead for a 2021 or 2022 wedding. In any case, if you’re interested in outdoor weddings, then picking the right season is key.

Most would opt for a spring or summer wedding, where the weather is typically warmer and the gardens are in bloom. We host a plethora of outdoor weddings at Combermere Abbey, and the ceremonies are beautiful every single time. Spring brings the promise of blossoms and birdsong, creating a gorgeous natural backdrop for exchanging your vows and summer brings us rich colours in the gardens and fantastic clear blue skies.

Outdoors weddings at Combermere Abbey - the Glasshouse

However, don’t dismiss a late Autumn or Winter wedding so quickly. Though you’re gambling with the elements a little more, autumn weddings offer earthy and vibrant colours – perfect for those ‘just married’ photos. Plus, our fruit tree maze (the only one in the world) starts to produce fruit in the autumn. Winter weddings, we’re finding, are becoming increasingly more common, they often have a magical air to them, and you might even get a dusting of snow.

Autumn weddings at Combermere Abbey in the gardens

Though it might be too cold to have your whole ceremony outside in the winter, you can always say your vows inside our heated Glasshouse, and take advantage of the outdoor décor opportunities for the walk to and from your ceremony.

Outdoor winter weddings at Combermere Abbey

Benefits Of Outdoor Weddings & Inspiration

One of the most magical elements of planning a wedding is deciding exactly how you want your day to look. With outdoors weddings, you have a vast space to play with; a blank canvas for you to decorate your day any way you choose.

This is one of the many benefits of getting married outside, others include: the opportunity of a beautiful natural backdrop for your ceremony, a chance to enjoy wonderful weather and more options to host an eco-friendly wedding.

We’ve hosted many weddings at Combermere Abbey, some entirely outdoors, others where bridal parties have celebrated both inside and outside. Here’s some inspiration to help you begin planning your dream outdoor weddings…

Lawn Games And Outdoors Fun

Outdoor weddings lawn games at Combermere Abbey, Cheshire

Involve Your Furry Friends Your Big Day

Bringing your dogs to weddings at Combermere Abbey

Ceremonies In The Fruit Tree Maze

Outdoor weddings at Combermere Abbey in the fruit tree maze

Natural Photo Backdrops

Walled Gardens at Combermere Abbey - perfect photography background

If you’re interested in finding out more about hosting your ceremony at Combermere Abbey, then why not get in touch to find out more about the great offers we have for 2021 and 2022 outdoor weddings?

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With thanks for the wonderful photographs Shane Webber Photography, Doug Krier Photography, Sarah Beth Photography, Sarah Jane Edwards Photography, The Crawleys, Tobiah Tayo Photography & David Stubbs Photography 💕

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