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Truly Dog Friendly Cottages At Combermere Abbey

Inspiration – 09.07.20


Hello. I’m Zola, one of two friendly black Labradors belonging to Combermere Abbey’s owner, Sarah Callander Beckett. Today, I’ve been given special permission to write on our website all about our truly dog-friendly cottages, and why a stay here is so special for us dogs, as well as our humans.

I am also going to tell you about the things to do with your dog in Cheshire & Shropshire, which are all things I love to do very much too.

About Our Truly Dog-Friendly Cottages At Combermere Abbey

This is me, with my Great Aunt Zanzie…

And here are the cottages at our home, Combermere Abbey…

We live on the Cheshire/Shropshire border, in the lovely countryside which gives me lots of space to run around. The abbey estate was restored by my owner, Sarah, and now has 10 truly dog-friendly cottages in the restored stables including the gothic Stone Lodge. We get a lot of visitors, and I think one of the things that our guests love so much about Combermere is that they can bring their dogs to the cottages to enjoy what I enjoy. Dogs, plus a holiday makes for the best holiday, in my opinion. Plus, staying in a dog-friendly accommodation means that you don’t have to leave us behind when you go away.

We say that our cottages are truly dog-friendly because sometimes ‘dog-friendly’ might just mean the outside in the grounds. Whereas at Combermere Abbey, dogs can stay overnight in the cottages too! And what fabulous grounds there are here. A large wood next to the cottages where dogs are free to run, the lake where a cooling dip can be enjoyed and all those amazing smells! Owners don’t understand about the smells we dogs love, and there are masses of them in the Combermere woodlands.

Us pooches love holidays just as much as humans do too, you know.

I love making new friends with all of the dogs that visit here, they often tell me about the ‘Pooch Packs’ their owners get, when they rent a holiday cottage at Combermere Abbey. The Pooch Packs contain a sofa cover, bowl and treat, so I’m told.

You can find out more about our truly dog-friendly cottages, which – don’t forget – are based on the Cheshire/Shropshire countryside border, by reading our dog policy. Now let me tell you about all the things I love doing near my home, and some things that you might like to do too.

Where To Take Your Dog In Cheshire & Shropshire

I meet pooches of all shapes and sizes, when their owners come to visit Combermere Abbey. I’m told they’re treated to lots of walks in the lovely open countryside, and this is something I love to do too. Here’s some of my favourite things to do near Combermere Abbey…

Combermere Abbey

My home has acres and acres of land, which means there’s lots to explore without even leaving the estate. Combermere Abbey has lots of lovely woodland walks (where I can find plenty of sticks) and some really pretty gardens to explore too. You can ride your bike and even have a picnic down by the mere, just remember to bring some treats for us dogs too.

Delamere Forrest

Sometimes I like to visit Delamere Forest as there’s lots of trails to walk around. There are some nice lakes to swim in, as well as a picnic area where I can sit in the shade on a sunny day. Delamere Forest is around a 45 minute drive by car from Combermere Abbey, I think you’ll like it there.

Agricola Tower and Castle Walls

Sometimes I like having a stroll around the Agricola Tower and Castle Walls. I have to stay on a lead here, but the castle walls are still considered dog friendly. A walk around the castle walls in particular is always nice, as I often get to meet lots of other dogs. Agricola Tower and Castle Walls is a 45-minute drive from Combermere, and you can stop and do some shopping in Chester too.

Tarvin Community Woodland

There’s lots of trees for me to weave in and out of at Tarvin Community Woodland. Plus, just like my home, there’s lots of sticks for me to find and carry around (one of my favourite things to do). Grogan’s Walk is one of the best things to do with your dog in Cheshire, I think. Tarvin Community Woodland is a 38-minute drive from Combermere Abbey

Nantwich Lake

I love the water, so I really enjoy a walk around Nantwich Lake. It’s a great place for dog walking, and I’m told that there’s free parking for humans too. In the summer, there are sometimes ice creams that you can buy, which I always like, because it means I can have the end of the cone on a sunny day. Nantwich Lake is very close to my home at Combermere Abbey, it’s just a 12-minute drive.

Marbury Country Park

There’s lots to explore at Marbury Country Park, and I very much think you would like to visit there whilst enjoying your dog-friendly holiday. There are some scenic views over the water, and there’s also some cycling paths, which I like because it means I can run alongside the bikes and get lots of exercise. Marbury Country Park is under an hour away from Combermere Abbey by car.

Countess Of Cheshire Country Park

The Countess of Cheshire Country Park is simply fabulous for dog walks, there’s lots to see and do and I also often meet lots of other pooches on my journeys there (it’s very popular). The grounds are kept looking lovely by some very kind volunteers, and I know humans will love this park just as much as us dogs do. Countess of Cheshire Country Park is a 46-minute trip away from Combermere Abbey by car.

Bickerton Hills

There is a trail which is just over 5km at Bickerton Hills. There’s some lovely views and on clear days you can even see all the way to Liverpool and Ellesmere Port. There’s lots of hills to run up, and there are some dog-friendly pubs along the way for water-breaks and lovely lunches. It’s a 26-minute drive to the car park at Bickerton Hills from Combermere Abbey, just over 12 and a half miles.

Local Dog-Friendly Pubs

There’s lots of nice open green spaces to walk around Whitchurch, which is very close to my home. Something I’m told the humans like very much is the pub, and many of them allow me to visit to in Whitchurch. My favourite dog-friendly pubs in the area include Cholmondeley Arms, The Sandstone and the Pheasant Inn, which can be found when walking through Bickerton hills. You can find more dog-friendly pub recommendations here.

Do you fancy a stay at our truly dog-friendly cottages now? I certainly would, if I didn’t live here already. You can book direct by following this link, and maybe we’ll get to meet and play together soon.

Lots of love,


With thanks for the photographs: Lets Go With The Children, The Land Trust, Visit Cheshire & Lets Get It Shot.