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What’s A Heritage Break & Why Should You Take One?

Estate – 07.04.22

If you’ve never heard of a heritage stay, let us tell you about them. For those who have a passion for heritage – specifically, historic houses and the long and fascinating history of the British Isles – it’s just the thing for you!


What is a Heritage Break?


A ‘heritage break’ is quite self-explanatory, it is the decision to stay in a historic house or venue with the purpose of learning more about the back story and history of the place as well as other properties in the area. You can find out fascinating secrets of a building,  uncover its hidden gems, and appreciate the beauty of something that’s right there, truly immersing yourself in the experience– it’s certainly a more exciting alternative to staying in a more generic venue, even if it’s simply to help support the upkeep of an independently-owned historic property.


Why Combermere Abbey?


We doubt there are many more places with secrets to uncover in such abundance as Combermere Abbey. Steeped in almost a thousand years of history, Combermere has seen everything from ghosts and ghouls to Empresses and monks passing through its walls. The Abbey has survived the dissolution of the Monasteries, religious arguments, civil war, debt and family tragedy. You can find out all about that during one of our public tours, or even better – book a special Invitation to View tour to quiz Abbey owner Sarah Callander Beckett on anything you’d like over an English Afternoon Tea.


Then, an overnight stay in our North Wing will take your experience even further and will be your chance to see what it’s like to live in a Grade I listed English Country House! With multiple major renovations, we’re so proud of the wonderful beauty of our oldest part of the abbey. We’ve ensured the North Wing has retained its romantic elements, too – and the rooms even feature some of the spectacular finds uncovered during construction!


But if you’d prefer to stay somewhere remote and self-contained (though still full of history!) then our Combermere Abbey renovated holiday cottages are perfect for you. Guests are given their own living and dining spaces, private cottage garden, and a kitchen with all the mod-cons you need. What’s more, dogs are very welcome!


Get away from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities and become immersed in the countryside, where you can feel like you’re in your own little world. The cottages all have their own personal history too, from their names to their decor! Why not ask your guide about them?


Take Our Tours


Abbey Tours will be taking place this year between Tuesday 5th April to Thursday 7th July 2022. These will run at specific times on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Join a personally-led tour, and gain fascinating insight into the abbey’s 908-year-old history, from 1133 to the present day. Hear about its famous residents and visitors, and the restoration from ruin at the hands of the current owners.


For your comfort and safety, tours are limited to 20 person, with online booking available on specific dates. For alternative dates, email [email protected].


You can book a heritage stay with us to finish your visit and give you the treat you deserve by heading to our online booking page. We very much look forward to welcoming you, and hope you have your history hats on!