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The Importance Of A Winter Detox

Estate – 03.02.22

Many people choose to make winter their season of detoxing to go forth into the year with clear heads, good intentions and with stress to a minimum. Here are some ways to detox in the new year, and just why it’s important to hit pause and reset.

The Importance of a Winter Detox

1. Digital detoxes

Digital detoxes are a great idea for a number of reasons. It helps us maintain a healthy work-life balance, can help us sleep better, and reduces ‘FOMO’, or the fear of missing out. If you’re living fully in the moment without worrying what might be happening in your inbox or your favourite group chat, you’re bound to feel less stressed, happier, and more connected to those around you.

Scientists seem to agree that too much time with tech is overall a bad idea: a Swedish study found that heavy technology use amongst adults was linked to sleep problems, depressive symptoms, and increased stress levels.

Combermere Abbey is the perfect place to purge technology from your life for a few days and get back to nature, our secluded countryside retreat is ideal for a ‘disconnection trip’ a so-called new trend for 2022.

We’ve spoken in the past about the importance of digital detoxes – for even more information, give our previous blog a read here!

2. Health Detox

If you’re usually a keen jogger, gym bunny or all-round fitness fanatic, there’s no better time to get back into your routine than during the winter.

The benefits of exercise are endless, as, like digital detoxes, it helps us improve our sleeping patterns, mood, energy levels and overall wellbeing – to name just a few!

Getting out in the fresh air whenever possible is a sure-fire way to put you in a great mood. Being amongst nature, as opposed to working out indoors or in a crowded city, is cited to be beneficial. The charity Mind has a list on all of the perks of being out in nature, which even includes reducing feelings of loneliness, improving relaxation, and even boosting your confidence.

3. Body Detoxes

A “body detox” doesn’t necessarily mean going vegan, removing your favourite things from your diet, or any form of ‘cleansing.’ Sometimes it’s just nice to treat yourself after a busy period – particularly if you’ve been under more stress than usual. And despite how wonderful winter can be, there’s no doubt it comes with some stressors, too!

At Combermere Abbey, we’re partnered with Glo Pamper, an amazing local business that provides a wide variety of holistic and beauty treatments including detoxifying deep-pressure massages, de-stress holistic facials and reflexology.

Read more about our partnership with Glo Pamper, and why a body detox is the perfect treat for yourself during the winter here.

4. Mind Detox

It goes without saying that taking good care of your mind is essential. You might have been feeling overworked in the new year – but it’s important not to just keep on ticking if things don’t feel right!

There are so many things to do at Combermere Abbey that are guaranteed to help you clear your head. For example, yoga has long been linked to mental health betterment and over all wellbeing increase. Why not do a spot of it down by the mere when you come and stay with us?

Simply being by nature is also known to help with stress levels, and at Combermere, we’re surrounded by it! From our beautiful woodland and mere to our rolling fields, you’ll feel completely at peace when you come to visit us.

5. ‘People’ Detox

Last but not least, your preferred winter detox might simply to get away from the world for a while. Our North Wing and cottages are the perfect place to get some well-deserved rest, peace and quiet. You’ll be surrounded by nature in the beautiful Cheshire. But don’t worry – you won’t be completely isolated if you choose to come and spend some time with us! We’re close by the quaint towns of Whitchurch and Nantwich, where you can browse locally-owned shops, grab a bite to eat, and explore.

Head to our booking page to see our availability and book your stay today.

Featured photo: Patrick Schätz via Unsplash