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Alternative Wedding Cakes That Will Wow Your Guests

Inspiration – 21.08.17


You know what they say, ‘a party without cake is just a meeting’; which is why one wedding tradition that has stayed strong across the years is the show-stopping wedding cake at the reception. From capturing the guest’s attention to cutting it and taking that first bite, the intricate designs, sculptured white icing and traditional three-tier height, it all kindles invaluable special moments for the happy couple. But, the white-glazed fruit tower is no longer a typical wedding cake style – here at Combermere Abbey, we’ve seen (and tasted!) an array of ‘alternative’ wedding cakes, that for us, have created even more special, irreplaceable moments.

From the one-tiered, to the chandeliered, to the pork pie cakes (yes, you read that right!), alternative is the new traditional, so if you’re in need of some cake-spiration, look no further! We’ve rounded up some of the best cakes (in our humble opinion) that we’ve come across. Note; do not read on an empty stomach…

Naked Cakes:

A big trend that is inspiring couples this year is the naked cake. Not as risqué as it sounds though (guests don’t need to be alarmed!); a naked cake is simply one without icing. You may not think that such a cake could be dressed up suitably for a wedding, but with some fresh fruit, floral décor, and a dusting of icing sugar, this cake will be the best dressed in the room; a stunning combination of classic Victoria sponge with a rustic ambience.

Cheese Cakes:

No, we’re not talking about your traditional buttery biscuit-based Philadelphia staple, but a literal tower of flavoursome cheese. But a cheese cake doesn’t mean that your guests will be staring at a yellow rainbow of cheese blocks, but rather, a rustic (often waxed edge) cheese, laden with fresh, complimentary fruits (we love the pomegranates below), and a sprig of seasoning. Teamed up with vintage accessories – check the cut-out hearts below – and sat on top of a classic wooden serving board, these cakes are simply in-cheddar-ble.

The (Cup) cake:

Worried about whether there will be enough to go around? Worry no more! With cupcake cakes, guests are able to help themselves to a pre-portioned taste. However, the magic of cutting the cake and making that all important wish is still possible, with the top tier holding a small sandwich cake.

Ombre wedding cakes:

Ombre wedding cakes are perfect for those who have a tri-colour scheme. While an ombre cake mostly incorporates the traditional three tier structure, it can be done with just the one, but the truly show off an incredible blend of colours, we suggest you opt for the three tiers (plus more cake!).

Whilst these are just a few of the exceptional ‘alternative’ wedding cakes that we’ve come across, we’re certain that whatever cake you opt for, including the traditional type, it will compliment your big day. And remember, if ever you need a taste tester before serving to guests, there are always Combermere staff to be found across the venue! To take a look at more inspiration, head on over to our Pinterest board.