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Bring your spring wedding to life with wildflowers

Inspiration – 24.08.17


Gone are the days of seemingly identical wedding bouquets and floral table displays, indistinguishable from one another – today brides can let their creative flair run free with a huge range of different colours, scents and textures. A trend which we’ve seen gain popularity at Combermere Abbey over the last few years has been choosing native wildflowers for your big day – something we just can’t get enough of!

Britain is home to thousands of native wildflower species, from the delicate honeysuckle to the vibrant cornflower. If you’re looking for subtle, muted tones, forget-me-nots and cuckoo flowers are a perfect pastel-inspired combination. For big pops of bold colour, take a look at scarlet pimpernels, sweet violets and Welsh poppies.

The benefits of using native British wildflowers on your wedding day lies not only in their stunningly gentle beauty, but also in the knowledge that you’re helping to preserve and promote flowers which are threatening to become endangered. Back in April, The Telegraph reported that many of the country’s native wildflowers and plants were on the verge of extinction – so what better way to encourage their popularity by displaying them for your guests’ delight on your wedding day?

The best way to make your wildflower bouquets and displays reflect their natural and primitive beauty is to interweave them with native greenery as well. In the countryside, wildflowers grow amidst the rest of nature – the grass and moss, leaves and bushes. Sprigs of fern, ash and rowan are ideal for framing your graceful wildflower displays.

By far our favourite of all the wildflowers has to be bluebells. With almost 50% of the global population of bluebells right here in the UK, it is the quintessentially British wildflower. Every April here at Combermere Abbey, our woodland’s floor is covered in a rich carpet and blue and purples hues.

The spring bluebells transform the grounds into a fairy-tale setting, and couples can even have their photos taken amongst the thousands of dainty flowers in the charming woodland leading down to the lake with the dappled sunlight peeking through the trees to create the perfect romantic shot.

If you’re looking for a whimsical, enchanting backdrop to your wedding, get in touch with our team today to discuss late availability for April 2018!