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16 Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Planning – 13.02.19

On the face of it, choosing your wedding venue seems pretty straight forward. You pick a style of building, go to look around and sign on the dotted line. But the deeper you dive into wedding planning, the more other factors start to crop up. Make your venue hunt simple by asking these all-important questions.

1. What Makes This Venue Unique?

This isn’t just any old day you’re planning, it’s your best day. Your Cheshire wedding venue needs to live up to that dream. At Combermere Abbey, our one-of-a-kind fruit tree maze, stunning Edwardian Glasshouse and manicured walled garden promise you perfection.

2. What Is Your Maximum Number Of Guests?

This is important to know for two reasons. On the one hand, you want everyone to fit. On the other, you don’t want a more intimate gathering to be swallowed by a cavernous room!

3. What Locations Are Licensed For Ceremonies?

This is particularly crucial if you want to get married outside, where licensing makes the difference between whether you have a legal ceremony or blessing.

Couples at Combermere can say ‘I do’ in the heart of the maze, then stroll a few paces through showering confetti before signing the register inside the Glasshouse, giving you the best of both.

4. Will A Wedding Coordinator Help Me With Wedding Planning?

From remembering to check how many people you’d like seated at each table, to recommending suppliers and providing practical advice, here at Combermere Abbey we believe a wedding coordinator is a huge asset to your Cheshire wedding venue.

5. When Can We Come In To Set Up On The Day?

Whether you want to hang canopies of drapes, install blossom trees or set up festoon lighting from shepherds’ hooks, either you or your team will need time to pull it off. Make sure you talk through timings early on when wedding planning to ensure your vision is possible in reality.

6. Are There Restrictions On Where And How We Decorate?

Similarly, some venues have restrictions on what you can and can’t do. Some won’t let you suspend decorations from the ceiling, sending any dreams of a floral chandelier out the window.

The sparkling draped ceiling in our Garden Pavilion is the perfect blank canvas for your personalised finishing touches.

7. Is There A Separate Bar Area?

It’s really important to have a slightly more laid-back, chill-out zone at your wedding. If your Cheshire wedding venue has a distinct bar area, this is the ideal location. Older guests or those who want to rest their dancing feet can kick back in comfy sofas and continue to socialise, without feeling cut off from the celebrations.

8. Can We Use Garden Games?

Our walled garden is the dreamiest setting for garden games, with large level lawns surrounded by eye-catching topiary and fragrant roses. That’s why we include use of them in all of our wedding packages.

9. Do You Have Disabled Access?

Often overlooked on your first venue visit, when you’re busy being blown away by all those ‘wow’ elements of the venue, disabled access can be critical for many weddings.

Check whether there are step-free entrances and what assistance is in place at the earliest opportunity for stress-free wedding planning.

10. Can You Give Us A Detailed Breakdown Of The Quote?

Knowing what is and isn’t included will help you draw comparisons between different Cheshire wedding venues. Ultimately, it’ll help you to decide which is ‘the one’ when wedding planning.

At Combermere Abbey, when you book your wedding here you also unlock access to a classic Crossley car to deliver you to your ceremony, as well as a stay at Stone Lodge the night before your wedding.

11. Is There Room For A Live Band?

Drum kits and musical instruments take up more space than you might think. Our Garden Pavilion is cleverly designed to feature an elegant reveal curtain. Closed during your wedding breakfast, the curtain is then pulled back to showcase your dance floor and band or DJ, ready for your first dance.

12. What Time Is The Last Dance?

Many Cheshire wedding venues – and especially those with near neighbours – will have a curfew for the night. Check that the cut-off time gives you the amount of partying time you want and, if it’s earlier than you like, find out whether it’s possible to extend it by investing in a late licence.

13. How Much Choice Is There For Our Wedding Menu?

We work with two first-class caterers, Pickled Walnut and Olive Tree, to bring you a fantastic foodie experience. Both caterers offer very different styles of cuisine, so you can choose the menu that is exactly to your tastes.

14. Is There Somewhere For Us To Get Ready On The Wedding Morning?

Spend your last single night in Stone Lodge, Combermere Abbey’s romantic Gothic gatehouse. You’ll enjoy the calming view of the damson orchard as you get ready on your wedding morning.

15. Do You Have Accommodation On-site?

After a night of fun and laughter, there’s nothing better than only needing to wander a few paces to bed. You can spend your wedding night in the Abbey’s luxurious North Wing, while your guests can cross the gardens to the elegantly furnished Stables Cottages.

16. Do You Have Availability For…?

When you’ve checked off all these questions and done your research, you’ll be well on the way to finding the perfect Cheshire wedding venue. All that’s left to do now is set the date!

Take a look at our blog to find out more about getting married at Combermere Abbey and check out our special offers for weddings this year.