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Plan Your Digital Detox at Combermere Abbey

Wellness – 21.05.24

With longer days and the promise of warmer weather ahead, spending time outdoors surrounded by nature can help to lift the spirits. This month, we’re dedicating our focus to wellness and wellbeing, a pursuit made effortless at Combermere Abbey.

Nestled in the tranquil Cheshire/Shropshire countryside, our estate harmonises historic splendour with nature’s warm embrace. Beyond the historic parkland and scenic gardens lies a whole host of on site wellness opportunities for those seeking to refresh their mind, body, and soul.

Whether you crave serene relaxation, mindful contemplation, or energising pursuits, Combermere Abbey is waiting to be explored during a stay in our luxurious North Wing B+B or cosy, family and dog-friendly cottages.

Forest bathing and the beauty of bluebells

Forest bathing, also known as shinrin-yoku, originates from ancient wisdom that emphasises immersing oneself in nature to foster healing and wellbeing. There’s no better way to engage in this revitalising practice than at Combermere Abbey surrounded by the serene beauty of our ancient woodland and delicate blankets of bluebells. Scientific research highlights the significant advantages of spending time in nature, including reduced stress, boosted mood, strengthened immune system, and heightened creativity and concentration. During your visit, guests are free to explore the miles of woodland and parkland trails.

Experience yoga and meditation by the mere

When you stay with us at Combermere, you’ll discover some of the most serene spots to practise your yoga and meditation routines. Find the connection between your inner self and the natural world, whether it’s by the edge of the mere with stunning views of rolling fields and woodland, or in the peaceful willow glade within our pleasure gardens.Yoga and meditation are renowned for their ability to increase flexibility, reduce stress, and enhance focus. We encourage you to take a moment to pause, reflect, and connect with both nature and yourself during a stay.

Digital detox for mental clarity and wellbeing

In today’s hectic world, we’re constantly bombarded by notifications, emails, and social media updates. It’s easy to get lost in the digital noise, but what if there was a way to escape and reconnect with life’s simple pleasures? Here at Combermere Abbey, we invite you to slow down, refocus, and find what truly matters. Without the need for screens, you’ll truly appreciate your surroundings and reconnect with loved ones over a long countryside walk or a glass of wine by the fire.

Relaxing beauty treatments

Recognising the value of self-care, we’ve teamed up with Glo Pamper, a fantastic local wellness provider, to offer our cottage guests a holistic pampering experience.

Glo Pamper specialises in a variety of beauty treatments crafted to relieve tension and refresh your senses. From revitalising deep-pressure massages to soothing reflexology and calming holistic facials, they offer a sanctuary for the mind. We invite you to read here five compelling reasons to indulge in a beauty detox with Glo Pamper during your stay.

Benefits of mindful eating for wellbeing

Mindful eating encourages you to eat slowly and savour each bite, allowing your body to better digest and absorb nutrients. By paying attention to hunger and fullness cues, you’re less likely to overeat or consume foods that don’t serve your body’s needs. Here at Combermere Abbey our North Wing Butlers Stephan and Blair will prepare a delicious cooked breakfast sourced from local produce to start your day the right way. Be sure to savour each bite.

Bring your furry friend and companion

For years dogs have been cherished for their capacity to bring happiness and enhance mental wellbeing, which is why Combermere Abbey enthusiastically invites you to bring your beloved pets to our dog-friendly cottages. Research suggests that spending time with your canine companion can reduce stress, boost happiness, and offer valuable companionship. As you venture through the estate’s picturesque surroundings with your four-legged friend in tow, we’re confident that you’ll switch off and unwind.

Self care practices in the North Wing

Explore the essence of self care within the Combermere Abbey’s North Wing. We invite you to unwind in the beautifully appointed rooms of the North Wing. Indulging in plush bedding, elegant furnishings, and serene views of the estate. This is the perfect location to take some time for personal reflection and space to decompress, revitalise, and rediscover inner peace.

From soothing pampering sessions to soul nurturing nature walks, join us at Combermere Abbey where history, nature, and wellbeing come together in one place. Book your stay at Combermere Abbey.

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