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Our Favourite Romantic Walks Near Combermere Abbey

Inspiration – 24.08.22

If you’re approaching your anniversary, honeymoon or just looking to spend some extra quality time with your other half, then the countryside is the perfect place to be!

We’re old romantics at Combermere Abbey (which is only natural as we were once named the most romantic place in all of Europe) and we think the best way to spend time with one another is to ditch the digital, and instead get back to nature with a charming ramble around Cheshire, or indeed Shropshire. We are on the border of both counties!

Below, our team has put together our favourite recommendations for romantic walks around Combermere Abbey, and some even come from our guests themselves! 

6 Places For A Romantic Walk In Cheshire & Shropshire

 3 Romantic Walking Trails In Cheshire

Weather it’s a stroll around the city admiring the rich history and listening to the hustle and bustle of the crowds, or a relaxing stroll around beautiful gardens, the county of Cheshire is the perfect place to venture out for a romantic walk.

1. The River Dee & Grosvenor Park Walk – Chester

 We’re based just a short half hour journey from the City of Chester, and we have to say it’s one of the best places when it comes to adding to a romantic getaway. Between stunning sights, interesting architecture, and amazing restaurants for the foodies there’s something for all the loved-up couples coming to visit us.

In Chester, you’re never far from the River Dee. So, why not take a stroll along the river, admire the tour boats, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of all the visitors?

You could then wander over to Grosvenor Park, which has been charming Chester’s residents and visitors alike since the Victorian times no less! And don’t forget the stunning Chester Cathedral, which has some wonderful exhibitions on. A walk through this beautiful city is the ideal setting for a romantic stroll. Because love isn’t just for Valentine’s Day!

Distance from Combermere Abbey: 26.7 miles (but worth the drive!)

2. Lakeside Cholmondeley Castle Walk – Malpas

Or, if you’d like to explore a romantic walk a little closer to us, you can truly extend your experience of feeling like royalty for the day at Cholmondeley Castle (which pairs very well with a stay in the North Wing)! You and your loved one can promenade along the Deer Park Mere and Nature Trail. Soak in all the beauty and tranquillity of the surroundings, with magnificent views of the castle. There is even a little café on site, so you can get yourself a hot coffee and relax.

Distance from Combermere Abbey: 10 miles

3. The Canal Walk – Nantwich

Looking to spend an afternoon out in the country? You may like to explore the three-mile peaceful canal walk around Nantwich, which is really just on our doorstep! Many of our guests head over here and we think it’s the perfect place for you and your partner to spend some quality time together indeed! Indulge in the miles of canal paths that join through country farmland, breathe in the fresh country air, and cherish the feelings of spending alone time with your nearest and dearest.

 Distance from Combermere Abbey: 7 miles

3 Romantic Walking Trails In Shropshire

 We’re so lucky to be on the border of the historic, amorous county of Shropshire. It boasts all sorts of places to venture out to that are perfect for kindling or reviving a bit of romance in any relationship.

1. Hodnet Hall Gardens Walk – Hodnet

 Hodnet Hall Gardens brings together a medley of distinct environments that each have their own character, from the jungle-like unruliness of the Water Garden… To the structured sophistication of the Circular Garden! You and your loved one can visit the traditional Walled Kitchen Garden, which features rows upon rows of fruit and vegetable patches or stroll across a carpet of magnolia petals. There’s plenty of moments to be made, with 60 acres of gardens to explore!

Distance from Combermere Abbey: 14 miles

2. The Quarry Park Walk – Shrewsbury

 Why not plan a romantic stroll across The Quarry Park in Shrewsbury? If you’re staying with us for a few nights at Combermere, we definitely recommend exploring this Shropshire town – its cobbled streets and local businesses are loved by those from near and afar.

At The Quarry Park, you can take a gentle look around the 29-arce parkland, spot the floral masterpiece cultivated by world renowned gardener Percy Thrower, and immerse yourself in the delightful sunken garden landscaped with alpine borders – boasting brilliant bedding plants, shrubbery, and charming water features!

The park is also a perfect place for a picnic! Just order one from The Old Piggery Café on the Combermere Estate! So, why not bring a blanket and a basket and enjoy a romantic lunch beside the River Severn?

Distance from Combermere Abbey: 25 miles

3. Hawkstone Park Follies’ Walk – Shrewsbury

If you’re a couple that likes a little more adventure on their walks, or something more challenging, then there is no better place than Hawkstone Park! Recommended often by our guests, The Follies is a historic woodland fantasy with cliffs, crags, caves, deep woods, and a series of extraordinary monuments built over 200 years ago. Discover natural rock formations and take a deeper look into the other historic monuments at the park.

There are also a number of picnic benches and on-site café for a romantic refreshment break.

Distance from Combermere Abbey: 13.3 miles

Romantic Walks At Combermere Abbey

Like to give the car a break during your staycation? Excellent choice!

Combermere Abbey itself boasts many beautiful spots for a romantic walk. From our dedicated Woodland Walk (which is open all year round to our private guests) to the Garden Wood and mere, there’s nothing like the soft sounds of nature to reset the soul and appreciate your love for one another.

Our North Wing is noted as a particularly amorous location for an idyllic stay for the two of you. It’s even home to a powerful marker stone, a point at which two ley lines meet and some believed create a strong spiritual force. You may find yourself feeling a wave of strength, resilience or calm when standing nearby.

If we’ve inspired you to spend some time reconnecting, then take a look at our availability and book the stay you deserve.