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Perks Of Having Your Wedding Guests Stay The Night

Weddings – 15.06.22

When arranging a wedding, remember that your guests are an important part of making the day special. The more fun they have, the more fun you will have too! Plus, this always makes your wedding one to remember too. Did you know at Combermere Abbey 49 of your guests can stay on site in our beautiful self-catering cottages? It’s absolutely perfect for making the most of the wedding celebrations without the worries of driving home.

Below are our team’s top five reasons to consider having your wedding guests stay over on your special stay.


4 Perks Of Having Your Wedding Guests Stay The Night


Having their own space


There’s often a space between the wedding ceremony and the reception, and although there is lots of fun to be had within the Walled Gardens outside the Pavilion for those moments, guests also like the chance to freshen up for the evening. It’s simple for those staying to get back and forth because our cottages are just a few steps away from the venue!


No need to travel home


Our grounds at Combermere are in the heart of rural Cheshire surrounded by ancient trees and rolling countryside, which gives our weddings a private and exclusive aspect. However, it can also be difficult for your guests to get home after the party ends. Organising buses and taxis can be a nightmare… Especially at early hours of the morning. By having your guests stay the night there is no need for you to worry about how they’ll get home, the only worry will be what time they get to bed!


More time to talk to your guests


Ask anyone who you know that’s already married, the day of your wedding is a busy one, and time flies by so quickly that the bride and groom don’t always get to speak to everyone whose there. The beauty of your guests staying the night is you get a little extra time to catch up with them. The next morning, that extra time to say hello and thank your friends and family for coming makes such a difference.


The morning after debriefing


And finally, picture this. The wedding day has passed, everyone has had their fill of partying, and the headaches have begun to set in. Nothing beats reminiscing about the happenings of the previous night after a party. As we mentioned, the bride and groom often have a busy night trying to talk to everyone and therefore may miss out on some of the laughs that your friends had throughout the night. One way is to catch up the next morning and find out all the latest gossip from previous night with your loved ones and relive the experience all over again. We recommend visiting The Old Piggery Café on the edge of the estate after checking out to discuss the night before over delicious brunch and coffee.


Did you know that if you have your wedding at Combermere Abbey, you and your guests staying onsite with us will automatically become a “Friend of Combermere” and receive a discount when you or they come back and see us within 12 months. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the memories in a relaxed atmosphere. You can check our latest offers by clicking here. If you’re looking for a wedding venue, at the moment when you book all of our courtyard cottages within two months of booking your wedding, you can enjoy your wedding night stay in our North Wing entirely free of charge!