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How To Encourage A Digital Detox

EstateInspiration - 14.09.21

Our fast-paced, increasingly-digital world can be a little stressful sometimes. It seems like there have never been more ways to get in touch with one another – and that’s great! But sometimes it can be overwhelming, demanding, and even anxiety-inducing.


Although everything from emails, to texts, to social media, is designed to make our lives easier, sometimes that just isn’t the case. We all need a break now and then from the hustle and bustle of the digital world, no matter how important it may be to us.


A ‘digital detox’ is becoming more and more popular these days. It’s when you decide to shun all technological devices – smartphones, televisions, tablets and computers – in order to unplug both physically and mentally, for a period of time. This could be an afternoon or a whole week.


Here at Combermere, we’re big believers in enjoying the nature we’re surrounded with in our 1000 acres, so we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you go on a ‘digital detox.’



  1. Remember the benefits



There are so many benefits to doing a digital detox that simply learning about what it can do for you, can help motivate you to unplug.


Studies have shown, for example, that smartphone use can disrupt sleep, due to the blue light emitted from the screen mimicking natural light – thereby giving a similar effect on our brain. By unplugging from technology for a little while, it’s a sure-fire guarantee that your sleep will improve – and what’s better than a good night’s rest?


Another benefit of a digital detox is the creation of a firmer boundary between our work/home life. How many of us have checked our emails whilst we aren’t in the office, or even on holiday? The temptation to see what’s going on is often too great to resist. By unplugging from the digital world, we can press the ‘off’ button on our responsibilities from work and unwind even more easily.


  1. Set limits


Sometimes it’s simply unrealistic to remove ourselves from all screens for a significant period of time. On holiday, for example, you may still bring your smartphone along in order to be able to get in touch with those you are with, or for emergencies. You may use your phone for listening to music, as a camera, or for its GPS – the beauty of phones is that, these days, they do just about everything!

Setting boundaries on the type and timing of connections you’ll attend to helps ensure that you can enjoy real-world activities completely free of digital diversions.

Maybe you could check your texts and messages when you first wake up, then turn it off until lunchtime. Or, to divert your need for using a phone, you could bring along a traditional camera, or use an iPod for your music needs instead. CDs are also still an option if you’re feeling really traditional!


  1. Get rid of distractions

In order to properly ensure you’re having a digital detox, make sure the notifications are off! That means no Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram notifications. The likelihood is that whatever people are sending you is simply not important enough to break your digital detox.

Your best bet is to turn off your phone entirely when you’re not using it.


  1. Tell everyone you’re doing a digital detox!

By telling people you’re doing a digital detox, your friends and family won’t expect an instant reply from you, so there’s no pressure to be responsive. That’s another excuse gone!

Also, sometimes the best motivator is other people’s expectations. When you’ve shown commitment to something, people are likely to ask about it, and cheer you on when you’re feeling unmotivated.

So spread the word amongst your loved ones, and soon you’ll be motivated to avoid the blue glare.

At Combermere Abbey, our beautiful, private grounds offer the perfect place to unplug from the world with our gardens, parkland, woodland and even a lake. Though we do provide fast WiFi to our guests, there’s so much to do and see around the gorgeous Cheshire/Shropshire border that you won’t need to rely on a screen for entertainment!

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