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6 Quirky Save The Date Ideas

Inspiration – 21.07.21


There’s no doubt that planning a wedding involves a keen eye for detail. From the flower arrangements to the food, there’s no shortage of little things you could put your own personal spin on. And why not? After all, it’s your day! Tailoring the smallest details to your own style is a great way of putting a stamp on the occasion, and will no doubt make your day more memorable to your guests.


Once you’ve found your dream wedding venue (have you booked a show round with us yet?) and have a date in the calendar, it’s time to let your guests know and give them plenty of notice.


One way of cementing your personal style is by coming up with a quirky ‘save the date’ idea. The usual route is via a physical invitation in the post, but let’s face it – everyone’s got a lot on these days, and you want to make sure your guests have something that will really make your date memorable, and perhaps even surprise them. From our team who are adept in wedding planning, here are six of our ideas from Combermere Abbey…


6 Quirky Save The Date Ideas




A magnet is a cute and functional option to remind your friends and family of the date of your big day. Seeing your date on the fridge is a great reminder of what’s to come, and your guests can hang up their shopping lists at the same time! There are lots of aesthetically pleasing options to choose from, to ensure you can get one that’s just right for you. What about these cute mixtape magnets from Etsy? Perfect for music-lovers.


Credit: SecretCreation on Etsy



So that your guests can ‘pencil in the date’, a practical and sweet option to consider is an engraved pencil, with the name of the happy couple and the big date. Gifts that your nearest and dearest might use in their day-to-day is always key, so why not give a big tick to this idea? Here are some miniature pencils from Etsy that are perfect!




At Combermere Abbey, naturally we love all things historical. So it’s safe to say we can’t get enough of these gorgeous maps showing the location of your big day! One of the most attractive things about Combermere is the colourful history that it’s steeped in, so this save the date idea will certainly be memorable to your guests.




It’s getting warm out there – and if you have a summer wedding planned, what could be more appropriate than a save the date in the style of a handheld fan? It’ll certainly keep your guests cool after a long evening on the dance floor! We love these beautifully designed wooden wedding favours on Etsy.

Messages in a bottle


A beautifully nautical ornament, who wouldn’t want to display their invitation when it’s in a beautiful glass bottle like these? Perfect if your wedding is by the beach, or any body of water!



Recycled paper and seed packets


At Combermere Abbey, we like to do our bit for the environment. We are a venue that has been entirely organic since 1997 and have a number of sustainability guidelines in place such as not allowing paper confetti, in order to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us. We encourage our guests to shop locally in nearby Whitchurch and Nantwich and use local suppliers where we can. So that being said, if you are going to opt for a more traditional save the date idea, why not try one that’s environmentally friendly? These notelets, made with recycled paper, have a rustic feel that could be perfect for your wedding. There’s also the option of seed packets which can be planted into the ground to give your guests that extra-special nature-themed reminder. These ‘forget-me-not’ seed packets are a great idea – and are perfectly named!


At Combermere, we know that you want to make your wedding day unique and tailored to your needs. With decades of experience, we know a thing or two about how to make everything go perfectly. Want our advice, or would like to know more about Combermere Abbey as a venue? Get in touch with our team by clicking here.