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What Might Weddings Look Like In The Future For 2022 Wedding Venues?

Weddings – 27.10.20


There’s no way around it, 2020 has absolutely devastated the wedding industry. Every day, our heart goes out to suppliers in the sector who’re battling copious cancellations and rigid restrictions. We firmly stand by the #WhatAboutWeddings campaign, which calls for more clarification from the Government on financial support and outlined time frames. Many of our bridal couples want to know if their wedding dates are safe for this year and next and we want clarity for them too. Wanting to remain positive, as we look to 2021 and 2022 wedding venues such as Combermere might be thinking about what the future holds.

What We Think 2021 & 2022 Holds For Weddings

The future may be uncertain, however, looking ahead can help you to keep positive – knowing that better days are coming can always have a good impact on your perspective. The current situation has certainly changed how many weddings are taking place, with the marriage ceremony becoming the focus, and it’s likely they’ll have long-lasting effects into the future too. Here are some of our positive ideas and predictions. 

More Intimate Wedding Celebrations

Currently, weddings can accommodate up to 15 people but are strictly ceremony-only. Naturally, we hope that this will change soon, however in the future, it might be the case that once large guest lists are cut down considerably. There are many benefits to an intimate wedding, such as only inviting those closest and most important to you and of course, lower costs.  We wrote a blog on the benefits of these smaller celebrations, you can read it here.

Future Of Weddings - Small Weddings?

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Replacing The Evening Reception

Our wedding planning team think that we might see a change in the structure of your wedding day in the future, with some evening parties being replaced by an act, a presenter or entertainer or an earlier wedding breakfast, or lunch celebration, We host most of our meals in our Pavilion and think it’s a lovely idea to make this the focal point of your special day. Quite a unique and different experience, and perfect for those who prefer quieter occasions.

Keeping Friends & Family Close By

Travel disruptions have been commonplace, which mean some couples might choose a wedding venue that’s closer to home. Or, if guests are spread out across the country, it’s worth looking at a central location that has accommodation on site. We’re conveniently located on the Cheshire & Shropshire border and can sleep up to 49 guests in our luxurious self-catering cottages with our North Wing bridal wing exclusively for the bride and groom

Close family weddings

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‘Destination UK’ Weddings

As there have been quite a few restrictions on overseas travel since the Covid-19 outbreak, we think that there may be a shift of focus on destination weddings in the future back towards the UK.  Instead of heading overseas to exchange your vows, couples will consider the UK as their preferred destination instead. This country has much to offer, from the gorgeous green spaces in the summer to the rich autumnal colours as we head through into September, October and November – we might be biased but we love the idea of a ‘destination UK’ wedding for 2021, 2022 and beyond.

Midweek Weddings

Finally, weddings that have postponed from this year, and have moved to 2021 and 2022, means less availability if you’re yet to find your dream venue, but want to get married within the next year or two. As such, we could potentially see a heightened interest in midweek weddings. Though they’re considered a little harder to organise and often require guests to book time off work, midweek weddings can really pay off from a budget point of view. Plus, it means you have a much better chance of securing a date in your preferred season. Would you go for a midweek wedding? Why not let us know by tweeting us on @combermereabbey?

Looking At 2022 Wedding Venues, Why Not Choose Combermere Abbey?

We’re rather booked up in 2021, with just a few dates remaining for autumn and winter next year. As far as 2022 wedding venues go, though, we still have spaces in our diary for your happily ever afters. If you’re thinking about the future and planning for your 2022 wedding, then why not pay our friendly wedding planning team a visit by booking a venue show round?

Ideally located in Cheshire, were a 2022 wedding venue that’s a central point that’s easy to travel to, Combermere Abbey encompasses luxury within a natural space. With accommodation on site for your wedding guests too, we’re popular with brides and grooms both up and down the country, as well as overseas. Situated in the heart of the countryside, the estate has a rich and colourful history which leaves a special mark on your big day. A venue quite unlike any other, couples can also say their vows outdoors in the world’s only fruit tree maze, or in the Glasshouse that’s nestled at its heart.  We typically host wedding breakfasts, meals and receptions in the Pavilion – a neutral entertaining space that you can design to suit your style. One thing that never changes though, is the enchanting ceiling which makes you feel like your first dance is taken under the stars.

We could talk all day about our venue, but really, you need to see it for yourself. You can do that right now by booking a show round online or by speaking to our wedding team on 01948 838 391. We are experienced in hosting intimate weddings following the Covid-19 outbreak, and we’ve definitely had a whole host of larger celebrations in the past too. Whether your plans have changed or not, you can rest assured we’ll cater to them.

Unique wedding receptions

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