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Five Reasons To Consider A ‘Nearcation’ Holiday

Estate – 16.11.20

The pandemic has changed a lot of things, one of the main things being that people are keener to now discover what’s on their doorstep, and opt for a staycation, or perhaps even what’s being coined as a nearcation instead of jetting off overseas. Great news for the hospitality industry in this country, as a recent YouGov survey revealed that 48% of millennials (people aged between 25 and 34) plan to staycation in the future. Here are five reasons to consider a nearcation for your 2020 or 2021 break.

What Is A Nearcation?

But first, what actually is a nearcation? Derived from the term staycation which means to holiday in the country where you live, as opposed to travelling overseas, a nearcation is exactly that – but closer to home. This can be as close as an overnight stay in the same town, or perhaps a longer holiday in the same county or region.

Five Reasons To Consider A Nearcation

  1. Fall in love with where you live

You might already be particularly fond of your hometown or city but a nearcation can help you discover what’s on your doorstep. We’re based in Cheshire and when we welcome guests from the area they’re still fascinated by the incredible countryside and wildlife that might only be 20-30 minutes away from home.

  1. A getaway without the stress

Holiday preparations are notoriously stressful, especially when you’re travelling abroad. When you opt for a staycation or nearcation, all you need to do is pack your car and get going. You’ll be familiar with the area, so it suits perfectly if you prefer opting for places you know and love. Or, if you’re open to trying new things – your eyes might be opened to a number of great attractions, shops and restaurants that have been in your local area all along. If you’re preparing for your nearcation, don’t forget to check out our self-catering holiday checklist.

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  1. Minimal travel times

You don’t have to invest hours into travel time for a well-earned break. A nearcation boasts the benefit of being a short car or train journey away, but it can still feel like an entirely different world. If you don’t care much for the idea of a 5hr+ car or coach trip, or even the drive to the airport, the plane journey, followed by the transfer to the hotel – then a nearcation could indeed be for you. Plus, a smaller travel time means you can bring your family dog along with no fuss at all. Our holiday cottages are all dog-friendly, and we love seeing your furry friends.

  1. An easy way to escape the everyday

It’s totally normal to crave a break and a change of scenery. You don’t necessarily have to go far to do this. If you’ve missed celebrations this year, or perhaps had your holiday cancelled, then even just a weekend break can really help you to relax and rejuvenate. Short breaks at the North Wing are particularly excellent for this, as you’re tended to by our fantastic house manager, have a lovely breakfast included and can enjoy a taste of luxury. Or for a longer break, our self-catering cottages propose a fantastic way to break the cycle of working from home and staying indoors. We believe in the ‘3 Rs’ here at Combermere Abbey, re-balance, revive and re-energise. 

  1. Safe for you and your family

There’s still a lot up in the air when it comes to overseas travel, many countries now require either quarantine on arrival, or quarantine when you land back in the UK. A nearcation doesn’t come with such barriers. Plus, with the tier systems expected to remain in place in England, the closer to home you can remain the better. We’re Visit Britain ‘Good to Go’ certified meaning our staff and venue are fully Covid-safe. With your own contained self-catering cottage or private North Wing room – you’ll be able to enjoy a responsible and sensible getaway here that still feels a world away than the same 4 walls you might have gotten used to during lockdown.

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Nearcation Destination In Cheshire and Shropshire

If you live in Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire or North Wales, Combermere Abbey could be the ideal nearcation destination for you. We’re nestled on the border, in the heart of the countryside and offer 10 self-catering cottages for our guests along with 2 B&B north wing rooms. Ideal for families, couples or friends* seeking a short retreat to relieve some stress and appreciate a change of scenery, we still have availability for 2020** and through to 2021.

To give you peace of mind when booking we’re offering a very low £50 refundable deposit for bookings made before 3rd December, for December 2020 to March 2021.

You can check this on our website, and be sure to follow our Facebook page for any further updates.

*Your nearcation must be in line with current government guidelines, adhering to tiered rules by region where appropriate.

**2020 availability is subject to change, but we are hopeful that come 2nd December we will be able to reopen for your winter nearcation getaways. We are offering a moneyback guarantee should circumstances change.