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Approaching Your Wedding Day During Covid-19

Wedding Planning – 08.02.21


Nobody knows how long the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to impact our lives, but we remain hopeful that we’ll see a return of wedding celebrations this spring or summer. However, we ought to be mindful that even when ceremonies can return, they are likely to look a little different. Here at Combermere Abbey, we’ve been thinking about what weddings might look like in 2021, and our wedding planning experts are here to talk about how to approach your wedding day with Covid-19 in mind.

Approaching Your 2021 Wedding Day

Wedding couple in the Crossley Car

Image credit: Cat Lane photography

Appreciating The Small Wins

One thing is for certain, when Covid-19 comes to an end, we’ll certainly appreciate the little things more. Whether your wedding date has changed from last year, or your original date is coming closer and you’re feeling unsure, if Covid-19 has impacted your big day, there’s no doubt that when it finally arrives, it will be extra special. We remain positive that larger weddings will make a return this year and you’ll cherish your wedding day with all the worries and concerns behind you after overcoming all the obstacles  to get there surrounded by family and loved ones

Celebrating Now… And Later

We have to accept that Spring 2021 weddings may well have to be treated differently.. Prior to the latest lockdowns in England, some celebrations were permitted, but limited to 15 people only. Should we see a similar rule in place as restrictions begin to ease, then you might consider a double wedding day. One where you enjoy the ceremony as planned with a select number of people, and then return later in the year to celebrate in style with more guests. Combermere is ideal for occasions such as this, and this is definitely an option we can discuss with our 2021 brides and grooms.

Preparing For A Change In Season

If you’ve had to change your wedding day, and the new date this year could mean your celebration is now taking place in a different season. For example, you might have postponed an autumn 2020 wedding, to a summer 2021 wedding.,The challenge will be to adapt and  update your venue dressing to suit the new season. You can read our advice on a change of wedding season on our blog, or why not get in touch with one of our suggested venue dressers for advice?

Considering Keeping Everybody Together

In the interest of reducing travel for your wedding guests, opting for a wedding venue with accommodation within its grounds is a perfect idea. Keeping your loved ones close by reduces their contact in hotels away from the venue, plus there are many perks for guests staying overnight at your wedding venue such as getting to spend the most time with them that you can.

Support Local Suppliers & Stay In Touch

We have been avid supporters of the #WhatAboutWeddings campaign at Combermere Abbey as it’s not just venues that have been impacted by the lockdowns – it’s suppliers too. A change in wedding date might mean that as your new date draws closer, you’ve had to look at other suppliers. Please consider supporting the smaller local businesses, often a one man band, you can find our list by clicking here. And for those who haven’t changed suppliers, make sure you’re in touch as your wedding day nears to find out what their Covid-19 policies are.

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