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Solo Staycations – Food For The Soul And Your Health And Wellbeing

Estate – 22.01.24

It’s a new year, and a time to try new things. What was your new year’s resolution this year? Was it to try new things, to enjoy your own company more, or to travel about when you can? We have a solution that encompasses all three – a solo staycation.

The allure of a solo staycation, a trend that’s becoming more and more popular as time goes on, beckons as a serene escape – a chance to rediscover yourself and recharge away from the demands of your normal daily life.

Combermere often welcomes guests who’ve come away on their own to our North Wing and cottages, whether to work for a few days in the peace and quiet or enjoy a new experience in their own company.

Getting away from the everyday interruptions and demands and instead embarking on a solo journey within the familiar confines of your own country holds a unique charm. Here’s why you should consider a solo staycation this year, and why Combermere Abbey might be your ideal destination for such an adventure!

A Self-Tailored Itinerary

Our favourite thing about travelling solo, is that you have complete autonomy over where you go and the length of time you have!

A solo staycation can become the ultimate bespoke experience for you because you can do whatever you’d like. Why not craft an itinerary that resonates with your own interests, whether it’s cultural explorations, gastronomic adventures, or moments of tranquil solitude?

The freedom to set your own pace allows you to savour each experience fully, ensuring that every moment works for you and aligns with your preferences and desires.

Plus, if you choose the prestigious and sought after North Wing for your solo staycation, our House Manager Stephan, who’s recently been nominated for the Unsung Hero Award in Cheshire, ensures you enjoy a bespoke and first-class stay. Stephan and his team at Combermere are ready to help you plan  your itinerary, from suggesting local attractions to recommending scenic walks and the best restaurants and pubs in the area, as well as making reservations for you. This personalised touch allows you to set your own pace and create a staycation that perfectly aligns with your preferences and desires, plus, should put you at ease as a solo traveller.

In our smaller award-winning self-catering holiday cottages, you can truly be on your own, self-sufficient, and master of your own timetable.  Still luxurious, with wood-burning stoves and option of a breakfast hamper – they are equipped with everything you need for that short break, and you can bring your dog along too.


Embarking on a solo staycation doesn’t just involve physical travel; it can be seen as journey into self-discovery.

Free from external influences, you have the rare opportunity to tune into your own thoughts, desires, and aspirations. Whether you choose to explore a quaint market town, try a new experience such as glassblowing or immerse yourself in the natural world which surrounds you at Combermere, the solo staycation becomes a background for self-reflection and personal growth. Sounds idyllic!

Disconnect To Reconnect

In a world tethered to technology, a solo staycation provides the ideal opportunity to disconnect and reconnect – with both you and the world around you.

Put away the screens, silence the notifications, and immerse yourself in the present moment.

Combermere offers the perfect chance to do this without even having to leave the estate. Leave your phone in your North Wing room or cottage, and head out for a stroll through the Pleasure Gardens or sit down by the mere for a while. You’ll be surprised at how cathartic it actually is!

For more ideas on how to embrace wellness at Combermere Abbey, you can read our blog all about it.

Cultivate Independence

Something else we love about solo travel, is that it creates a sense of independence and self-reliance. Navigating your way through a new destination, making decisions based solely on your preferences, and embracing the unknown all by yourself fosters a profound sense of empowerment. It’s something to be so proud of.

A solo staycation is not just a getaway, but a testament to your ability to navigate the world on your own terms. If your new year’s resolution involves empowering yourself, then this is the ideal way to do it!

Rediscover Your Own Country

Often, the allure of exotic destinations draws us away from the hidden gems in our own backyard. A solo staycation allows you to rediscover the charm of your country or region and explore with fresh eyes.

It’s shocking to us that the average British person has only discovered 32% of their own country! Now is the time to unearth local secrets, try new places to eat, and engage with what’s on your doorstep in a way that a hurried daily routine might not permit.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Finally, stepping out of your comfort zone and embarking on a solo staycation is a gateway to personal growth plus a gentle nudge to try new activities, meet new people, and embrace the unexpected. The courage to navigate solo opens doors to a world of possibilities, fostering resilience and adaptability in the face of the unknown.

In the journey of life, a solo staycation is a thread of self-indulgence and reflection, weaving moments of joy, relaxation, and personal growth. At Combermere Abbey, we’re passionate about making your trip, no matter how short or long, as welcoming, easy and enjoyable as possible.

As this new year unfolds, give it to yourself as a well-earned present – a journey that begins and ends with you. All our availability can be found here. Just book in and let us know your preferences and leave the rest to us.

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