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June weddings in bloom at Combermere Abbey

Inspiration – 16.10.17


“Marry when June roses grow, over land and sea you’ll go.”

A recent stroll around our gardens got us thinking about the beauty of June weddings, when our stunning roses are fully in bloom. What could be more romantic than a backdrop of roses, ambling down over the walls of the garden in your wedding photos – not to mention the floral scents to signal that summer has truly arrived.

The popularity of June weddings originates far back in history. The month of June was named after Juno, the goddess of marriage and childbirth and the Romans held festivals to celebrate her on the first day of June. In the 15th century, weddings would usually take place in June as people would have their annual baths in May – bouquets would be held by brides to keep them smelling fresh. Of course, this is not why we choose June weddings in the 21st century, but it’s certainly interesting to step back in time.

Did you know that the Combermere roses, grown on the estate, are completely unique? As the Abbey was originally founded as a monastery in 1133 by Hugh de Malbanc, Lord of Nantwich, our roses have special religious names, including: Winchester Cathedral, St. Swithens, The Nun, The Bishop, Dreaming Spires and Rambling Rector.

When the summer sun starts to warm the earth, our gardens boast an array of colours as the roses bloom. If you love the deep red roses or the tinkled pink kind – you’ll have plenty of choice for your photo opportunities. If roses are your wedding flowers of choice, have you thought about extending the theme to the groom and his groomsman? A single rose can be worn as a boutonnière, bringing a colourful and romantic touch to their wedding suits. You can take further advantage of your summer wedding and incorporate roses into your centre pieces at your reception as well to capture aura of love in the air.

It’s not just the dazzling looks of the bright June roses which make them the ultimate romantic bloom, the different colours are also symbolic! The red rose symbolises passion, white roses mean innocence whilst pink roses represent admiration, grace; gladness and joy. More vibrant colours such as the yellow roses symbolise care and friendship, whilst orange roses signify passion and energy. Roses are so incredibly versatile – there’s a colour and an emotion to suit every couple’s wedding.

If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic wedding immersed in floral scents and beautiful colours, get in touch with our team today to discuss late availability for June.