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5 Wedding Gifts That Make Perfect Presents 

Inspiration – 11.12.17

Updated 20.12.2022

Traditionally, wedding gifts were designed to help newlyweds fill their new home with useful, everyday essentials. Nowadays, with the majority of couples living together before they get married, the traditional kettle and toaster gift has been left feeling… well, a little redundant.

Whilst requesting money toward a dream honeymoon is a logical approach, this can leave some guests feeling a little uncomfortable. Cash gifts can be seen as impersonal and could make some friends or family feel obligated to give more than they might otherwise have spent.

Here’s our roundup of ‘wedding gift ideas with a difference’ to help you compile a gift registry that inspires and delights.


1. A special experience

Once the wedding high has begun to wear off, you’ll be thankful for something new to look forward to without the added stress of trying to find something affordable.

Spa vouchers, an adrenaline-filled experience for two, hot air balloon experience or romantic dinner at a special restaurant are all great gift ideas that you can share with your guests. You could even explore cookery classes or an alternative learning experience that will provide plenty of great stories to share with loved ones after the event.


2. Something for the garden

Whilst you may have everything you need for inside, outside spaces often take a backseat when it comes to prioritising household budgets.

Why not ask guests to help you kit out your garden with a special water feature, hanging pots or planters, gardening essentials or even a super comfy garden chair. Special trees or shrubs can also be an excellent gift and everlasting memory of your wedding day.


3. Personalised artwork

Request a commissioned watercolour of your wedding venue or painting of you as a couple to hang in your home. Guests could even make an anonymous donation toward a piece of artwork or sculpture you’d like to buy, directly with the gallery or seller.

Alternatively, scheduling a photo session with your wedding photographer for a year after your wedding day is another beautiful idea for a wedding gift that enables your guests to see how their gift has been received and appreciated.


4. Luggage

Ok, so not exactly a new idea but its a great one. Why not ask guests to chip in and buy you both some super stylist luggage?

Suitcases – both hold and hand luggage – aren’t necessarily something you treat yourselves to. So why not set up a collection so that family members can contribute toward something that will make you both feel special as you take off on your honeymoon in style. You’ll enjoy these handy gifts for years to come.


5. Stay another night at Combermere Abbey!

Of course, if you’re getting married at our beautiful Combermere Abbey and don’t want to leave right away, you could put an extended stay at our honeymoon suite on your gift list. Spend another evening relaxing and winding down from all of the wedding excitement before you set off on your honeymoon.


The Greatest Gifts are the Memories You’ll Take Away

Whether physical gift or experience, these wedding gift ideas are sure to conjure up incredible memories of your special day and help you create new ones.

Find out more about holding your perfect wedding at Combermere Abbey by getting in touch with us today.