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Viewing A Wedding Venue During A Pandemic

Weddings – 10.12.20


The country is in and out of various restrictions, the latest being the tier system, making viewing a wedding venue a difficult affair. Nobody wants to press pause on planning their wedding day, you should have something to look forward to. It’s hoped that by Spring 2021, weddings will be able to “return to normal”, that’s what Prime Minister Boris Johnson says and here at Combermere Abbey, we are hoping for the very same. Viewing a wedding venue is a process that has been made complicated by the Covid-19 outbreak, but one that we hope to make easier for you. Below, our wedding planning team will walk you through what’s involved in a venue showround as well as what you can expect at Combermere Abbey.

Is Viewing A Wedding Venue Permitted?

With the UK now in a tier system, wedding venue showrounds are allowed to continue. The only difference is that travel between regions is not advised for those under a ‘very high’ alert. This means that if you’re in a tier 3 area, then you should be looking to take a Zoom showround instead. Wedding venue showrounds should be booked directly with your venue and it is expected that all staff have Covid secure measures in place as we do here at Combermere Abbey.

Viewing a wedding venue during Covid-19 | Combermere Abbey

Credit: The Crawleys

What To Expect From Viewing A Wedding Venue

Wedding venue showrounds aren’t quite what they used to be pre-Covid. The experience is still incredibly special and is the beginning of your journey, the main change is that guidelines are in place to keep everybody safe, and in some cases (for example, for those in tier 3 areas), you might have to go virtual – the theme of 2020!

Here’s some of the things that you can expect from Combermere Abbey when you book a showround of our exquisite venue on the Cheshire/Shropshire border…

Rigid Covid Secure Protocols

Combermere Abbey has been following strict Covid guidelines since the Spring. All of our staff have undergone training, there are sanitisation points around the estate and during showrounds masks will be offered. Our utmost priority is keeping our guests safe, whether they’re here for our accommodation or to take a tour of our wedding venue. When you book a showround with us, you can speak to our team beforehand about what will happen when you come to visit, to give you total peace of mind. This is something that should be expected whenever you’re viewing a wedding venue during a pandemic, as safety is our number one priority.

One-On-One Wedding Support

We’ve always ensured that our couples feel looked after right from the very first point of contact. In a time of Covid, this has never been more important. Our wedding showrounds very much feel like you have your own wedding planner on hand, they can signpost you to venue dressers and florists amongst other things. During these times, it’s important for you to feel as though you have somebody there to support you, which is what we offer when you book our venue for your special day.

Viewing a wedding venue during Covid-19

Credit: PB Artworks

Modern Ways Of Connecting Your Big Day

Viewing a wedding venue during a pandemic also means you might be thinking a little differently. We certainly hope that next year wedding celebrations will return to normal, but in case they don’t, our ‘Book with Confidence’ policy also includes us assisting you with virtual wedding streams should you wish to explore that avenue. Our newly installed superfast broadband and wifi means guests can join in via video link from their own homes, should restrictions still be in place or should this better suit (for example, if you have friends and family overseas). We’re all about modern ways of celebrating and sharing love and we want to give you as many options of possible at Combermere Abbey. You can speak to our wedding planning team about this service when you come to visit us for a venue showround.

Viewing a wedding venue during Covid-19

Credit: Saint Wedding Photography

Zoom Showrounds

Finally, for those who don’t wish to leave their home at the moment, or for those in areas with tighter restrictions, Zoom showrounds are absolutely an option at our wedding venue. We’re based on the Cheshire/Shropshire border, but thanks to modern technology, we can reach you anyway. Our couples are introduced to Combermere Abbey via a pre-recorded showround video, and if you wish to find out more you can be shown around our estate virtually by one of our wedding team. 2020 has seen us adapt to many new ways of doing things and viewing a wedding venue is no exception. To book a Zoom showround, please get in touch.

You can find all the latest updates on our social media, we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Or, to speak to our wedding team directly and begin your Combermere Abbey journey, please send us a message or give us a call. You can also download a brochure by clicking here.