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Eco-Friendly Breaks at Combermere

Estate – 26.06.19


World Environment Day was celebrated across the globe on 5th June, and both businesses and consumers have never been more tuned in to the effects we have on the planet – and the importance of protecting it. As we strive to reduce food waste, increase recycling and lower emissions – is it time to start applying our environment-saving tactics to our holidays and book eco-friendly breaks away?

At Combermere Abbey, we are constantly striving to improve our sustainability – which is why we manage our land organically, look after our woods sustainably and annually replant and plant new trees throughout the parklands and woods. This means looking long-term and ensuring the health of the trees. Many species are under threat today and estates like ours create important nurseries for the future. Combermere was the first estate to install a solar park and the energy powers up to 3,000 homes via its connection to the grid.

Although consumers may try their hardest to use eco-friendly products and boycotted single-use plastics, studies have shown that one of the biggest ways we can reduce our impact on the planet is to decrease our use of aeroplanes. Air travel is one of our planet’s biggest polluters – with aviation expected to contribute as much as 16% of the planet’s carbon emissions by 2050 if our current trend for overseas holidays continue. As much, a growing community of eco-conscious travellers are adopting a no-fly policy and holidaying closer to home.

And what’s not to love? Whether you’re looking for relaxation and tranquillity, indulgence and luxury or activity-filled adventures, there’s no need to spend hours waiting in airport security queues, cramped in aeroplane seats and suffering through jetlag for your dream holiday! UK holidays offer something for everyone – and you can even treat yourself to a longer holiday if you skip the price of flying. Here at Combermere, you can experience everything from adrenaline-pumping wild swimming, horse riding and hot air balloon rides to relaxing in-house spa treatments and luxury gastronomy, all whilst saving both the environment and your bottom line.

Finally, we pride ourselves on providing our guests with home-grown and local produce. From the food hampers in our cottages to the home-cooked breakfast in the North Wing B&B – all of our food either comes from our own gardens and orchards, or from small, independent producers from the local area. Not only does this ensure that guests are only treated to the freshest products, but sourcing our food locally means that we have a lowered environmental impact as it hasn’t had to travel across the country or overseas.

So for those looking to reduce their impact on the planet without compromising the luxury and enjoyment of their travels – why not book your next holiday here?