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Staycation Holidays: Why Should We Holiday In Britain Rather Than Abroad?

Inspiration – 14.04.20

Staycation holidays are the new big thing.

There are many reasons why you should take a holiday in Britain rather than going abroad. As the interest in no-fly travel continues to grow, and sustainable living is something most of us hope to adopt into our daily lifestyles, there has never been a better time to start planning a staycation.

UK Staycation Holidays | Combermere Abbey

Granted, due to the current circumstances at the moment, staycations are off the cards for now, but there’s no harm in planning a getaway for when normality resumes and for when you can embrace everything the UK has to offer once more.

What Are Staycation Holidays?

The clues in the title with staycation holidays, they’re like a vacation, but staying put in the country where you live. For us, we’re very fortunate to have a country that’s rich with a colourful history and an abundance of beautiful places to explore.

Whatever type of staycation you’re looking for – walking, adventure, socialising, relaxing – you’ll be able to find the perfect destination in the UK, without having to step foot on a plane.

Staycation (also known as ‘no-fly’) getaways have grown in interest in recent years, just last year it was revealed that 3 in 10 people said they were planning to take more domestic holidays than they had in previous years.

UK Staycation Holidays | Combermere Abbey

But why?

Why Should You Holiday In Britain Rather Than Abroad?

There are a whole host of reasons as to why a holiday in Britain may be better for you than stepping on a plane:

You’ll be travelling sustainably – in 2020 we’re all the more aware of our carbon footprint, and what we’re doing to help the environment. Staycation holidays are far better for the planet than hopping on a plane and flying to your destination. Furthermore, at Combermere Abbey, when you stay with us, we encourage you to give your car a break too. There’s plenty to do around our grounds and our holiday accommodation is the perfect home from home, meaning you can enjoy a fun-filled getaway – all the while being friendly to mother nature too.

There’s plenty to explore in the UK – we’re very fortunate to live in England and to have plenty to explore. Why fly away, when there’s a whole world on your doorstep? Wherever you choose to staycation in the UK – you can always be sure to be met with adventure on every turn. We’re located on the Cheshire/Shropshire border which means we’re a stone’s throw away from the cities of Chester and Shrewsbury, as well as having a few local eateries and bars, farmers markets and historic houses. Or, if you’d prefer a staycation where you can truly kick back with nature, you can enjoy multiple activities at Combermere Abbey estate, such as bike riding, playing tennis, woodland walks and den building for the children.

You can bring your pooch with you – there’s little more exciting than getting to go on a holiday with your furry friend. With a staycation, many destinations will have a pet policy – at Combermere Abbey we’re pleased to offer dog-friendly cottages – which means you can bring your beloved pet with you on your family getaways. After all, they’re family too.

You’re close enough to be spontaneous – planning a holiday abroad takes time, with a staycation – not so much. You may feel like getting back to nature and treating yourself, your partner or your family – as staycations are a lot closer to home, you can be as spontaneous as you like. When current circumstances pass, it’ll be a good a time as any to get yourself out there and explore to your heart’s content. Staycations are a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the peacefulness of the countryside.

They’re perfectly versatile – don’t fancy going away for too long? That’s fine. With a staycation you have the beauty of minimal travel, meaning you can opt for a short mini-break to relax and unwind, or treat yourself to a longer getaway. At Combermere Abbey, we accommodate for both – though longer stays are a particular favourite in our self-catering holiday cottages.

Easier to plan – if you’re choosing a staycation, you’ll be afforded the luxury of not having to take too much time to plan your holiday. You won’t need to worry about organising passports or travel currency, which is particularly appealing if you have a larger family.

UK Staycation Holidays | Combermere Abbey

Did this blog help you understand why we should holiday in Britain, rather than abroad? Combermere Abbey is the perfect home from home, an idyllic Cheshire staycation destination, both our award-winning cottages and luxury north wing B&B suites are perfect for a relaxing retreat (without the hassle of flying). Explore and appreciate the world that’s at your feet with us.

UK Staycation Holidays | Combermere Abbey

Though due to current circumstance our bookings are currently closed, we’d love to welcome you with open arms once all this has come to pass. Find out more by contacting our friendly team.

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UK Staycation Holidays | Combermere Abbey

With thanks for the lovely images: Doug Krier, Jess Yarwood & Declan West.