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Best Gardens In Cheshire And Shropshire – Near Combermere Abbey June 8, 2023

Best Gardens In Cheshire And Shropshire – Near Combermere Abbey

Arley Hall – Private Garden
(16 miles from Combermere)

Our lovely neighbour Arley Hall’s enchanting gardens are a private oasis nestled in the heart of Cheshire. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, visitors can explore the stunning Herbaceous Border, the Tranquil Grove, and the vibrant gardens. If you are looking for something a little extra on your visit, don’t miss the Arley Garden Festival in June, where you can revel in the vibrant flower displays and delight in expert horticultural talks!

RHS Tatton Park – Public Garden
(20 miles from Combermere)

Situated in Knutsford, RHS Tatton Park is a public event that promises a truly unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the breath-taking displays, including the elegant Rose Garden, the picturesque Japanese Garden, and the vibrant Wildflower Meadow. The flower show runs from the 19-23rd July, but the gardens at Tatton are open longer than that for visitors to enjoy.

Did you know that, for once, we have rare availability for accommodation during the well-known RHS Tatton Flower Show in July?! For garden enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty of the show and explore the exquisite gardens throughout the week, we invite you to visit our website and secure some of the remaining accommodations. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss that doesn’t happen often!

RHS Bridgewater – Public Gardens
(60 miles from Combermere)

If you find yourself venturing further afield or traveling up north, we have fantastic news for you! Following the resounding success of the RHS Tatton, the esteemed Royal Horticultural Society has recently opened the doors to its sister garden, RHS Bridgewater. Located in Salford, an easy driving distance from Combermere Abbey, the exciting, dynamic new addition to the RHS family promises a captivating horticultural experience. With its sprawling landscapes, innovative designs, and a wealth of diverse plant collections, at Bridgewater you will embark on a botanical journey like no other.

Wollerton Old Hall Garden – Private Garden
(10 miles from Combermere)

Travel to Hodnet and discover the hidden gem that is Wollerton Old Hall Garden. This privately-owned masterpiece offers a delightful blend of formal and informal plantings, showcasing its creators’ passion and creativity. The garden’s impressive perennial borders burst with an array of colours and textures, while a tranquil pool and charming summerhouse offer moments of serenity. Each step reveals new surprises and intricate details that reflect the passion and expertise poured into this enchanting space. Prepare to be transported to a realm of horticultural delight as you explore Wollerton Old Hall Garden, a true testament to the artistry of gardening. And it has a great café as well.

Horatio’s Garden – Public Garden
(19 miles from Combermere)

Nestled within the grounds of the Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries in Oswestry, Horatio’s Garden offers a truly special experience for its patients and beautifully combines accessibility and stunning horticulture visitors. Winner of the 2023 RHS Chelsea best in show – each garden has been individually designed in conjunction with the resident’s input. This year for the first time,  it is open from June 17th, through to July in conjunction with National Gardens Scheme.  This remarkable sanctuary invites you to wander through its vibrant borders, breathe in the scents of fragrant plants, and find tranquillity in its peaceful seating areas.

Cholmondeley Castle & Gardens – Private Garden
(10 miles from Combermere)

Situated near Malpas and very close by to Combermere, Cholmondeley Castle & Gardens boasts captivating landscapes that entrance visitors throughout the year. Open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, this private garden offers an awe-inspiring array of features, including the Temple Garden, the Rose Garden, and the stunning Lavinia Walk. Be sure to attend their annual Plant Hunters’ Fair in August, where you can explore a diverse range of specialist plant nurseries.

While these neighbouring gardens are undoubtedly a sight to behold, Combermere Abbey also boasts its own exquisitely maintained gardens. Our dedicated gardeners work tirelessly to nurture its natural beauty, creating an enchanting atmosphere for all who visit. Don’t forget to explore our outstanding nature woodland on your visit, where you can immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the surrounding landscape. Plan your visit to Combermere Abbey today and experience the allure of nature at its finest.

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