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Six reasons to plan a 2025 wedding

Weddings – 09.07.24

Congratulations! You’re engaged. You’ve found the person you want to experience life with. So… what are you waiting for?

Planning a wedding for 2025 is absolutely possible, even for the most organised people out there. Most wedding venues still have availability (check out Combermere Abbey’s available dates for 2025 and 2026), not to mention, you’re likely to nab some great offers which allow your budget to stretch that little bit further. Plus, how exciting to know that your big day is just around the corner!

Need convincing? Here are six reasons why you should take the leap and choose to plan your wedding in 2025.

One – No time like the present!

Who doesn’t want to step outside of their comfort zone and experience new experiences?! To say yes to more opportunities. To take risks and challenge ourselves. To do things that are outside of our comfort zone.

You’re engaged – you said yes. Now it’s time to say ‘I do’. Just go for it! You’ve chosen to spend the rest of your lives together, so enjoy the whirlwind of wedding planning, because there really is no time like the present to get started.

Two – A boost for your budget

You’ll almost certainly get more for your money by opting to plan a 2025 wedding. As many weddings are booked more than a year in advance, venues may have late availability slots to fill.

This presents a great opportunity to take advantage of special offers, enabling you to do bigger things with your budget. An out-of-reach dream venue may now be within your price range thanks to 2025 wedding discounts.

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Three – Get carried away with the romance

That honeymoon bubble doesn’t have to burst. Let the romance of your engagement flow straight through to your wedding day.

Harness the loved-up feelings of your engagement and put them to use with wedding planning. Think personalised vows during your wedding ceremony and thoughtful touches on the day, created over countless date nights with a dash of planning thrown in.

Four – Bag a bargain

Like venues, other wedding suppliers will be looking to fill dates that they have available. That supercharges your bargaining power, making those dream details achievable with great deals for your 2025 wedding.

Think everything from DJs, florists and caterers to décor hire and entertainment. Even small savings can help make your spending power go further.

Five – Stay on track

Wedding planning can seem daunting, so set dates throughout the year to keep your wedding planning focused. If it feels overwhelming, just remember your dream wedding day isn’t far away. One of the greatest gifts of a shorter wedding planning journey is that you can stay focused, remain enthusiastic and allow yourself to get truly excited as your day fast approaches.

Six – Why wait?

Above all, once you’ve chosen your venue and set the date, you won’t want to wait. Stunning wedding gowns will be calling your name, flowers in carefully curated colours will be filling your mind, and you’ll be counting down the days until you finally say ‘I do’.

Do you think a 2025 wedding could be your dream come true? Download our wedding brochure and book your visit – we’d love to show you around at Combermere Abbey. Plus, we have some very special offers for the remaining 2025 dates.