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Tips For Taking A Safe UK Break This Year

Estate - 09.03.21

2021 is going to be the year of the Great British holiday, and as a staycation provider we couldn’t be happier about this. After a year of lockdowns and restrictions, more and more people are appreciating what’s on their doorstep this year and looking to travel within the UK. However, some people may still be feeling a little apprehensive due to Covid-19, so we wanted to put together some tips for taking a safe UK break in 2021; so that you can have fun whilst keeping peace of mind.

Why Are More People Wanting A Safe UK Break?

Safe travel is set to be the theme of 2021, as people will want to get away and enjoy themselves after a difficult 12 months, but also want to keep themselves and their family protected. With this in mind, we’ve found that the interest in staycations is increasing and more people are wanting to holiday on home soil, but in a responsible way. Benefits of this kind of staycation include:

  • More environmentally friendly
  • Open space for you and your family to explore
  • Self-catering means no household mixing
  • Chance to explore responsible local businesses
  • A home from home, but still an adventure

Our Top Tips For Safe And Responsible Travel

  1. Opt for a self-contained accommodation

Self-contained accommodation is the best option for a safe UK break, as there are no shared spaces to worry about. In most places, you’ll get your own sleeping areas and bathrooms; in Combermere Abbey cottages you also get your own living and dining spaces, private cottage garden and a fully fitted kitchen – perfect for longer breaks in your own bubble.

  1. Consider the countryside

A staycation can be taken in various settings, but we’d suggest you consider the countryside in order to feel truly secure. Rural areas are often remote and mean there are less chances of mixing with other households, plus there is always plenty of space and fresh air to enjoy. A countryside staycation is truly one of the best ways to appreciate the UK – as we have some truly breath-taking green spaces, woodlands and gardens in this country. Not only is this ideal for human guests wanting a responsible getaway, but it’s also perfect for doggies too, we love having them here at Combermere Abbey and equally they love having plenty of spaces and smells to explore.

  1. Go with a certified holiday provider

You’ll be able to find the best holiday providers for your safe UK break, as they’ll be certified or have rigid Covid-19 procedures in place. A good starter for 10 is looking for accommodations that have been ‘Good to Go’ VisitBritain certified. Make sure your provider is taking steps to keep you safe during your getaway this year.

  1. Self-catering is best 

If the recently announced Government roadmap goes to plan, then self-catering accommodation can open from 12th April and B&B accommodation will follow after on 17th May. To make sure your holiday is truly secure, you might want to opt for self-catering so that you can provide your own meals, as this reduces the number of places you’d need to travel to during your stay. If you’re cooking your own meals, don’t forget to support local markets and businesses. At Combermere Abbey, to keep our North Wing B&B suites equally safe we ensure that breakfasts are individually prepared by your own house manager. Click and collect meals from local pubs are also available and we offer guests their own private sitting room.

  1. Don’t head to busy places

It’s your personal preference of course, but if you’re looking for a safe UK break then you may want to consider an off-the-beaten-track location, rather than go with a popular holiday provider. This’ll give you better provisions for social distancing and more space for you and your family to enjoy privately, plus it’s a unique option for you to consider – something you might not have done before with your loved ones.

Book Your Safe UK Staycation With Us

At Combermere Abbey, we’re proud to be a safe UK holiday provider, having been ‘Good to Go’ VisitBritain certified last year. Our staff are trained with the latest guidance and we have put a number of guidelines in place to ensure that when you holiday with us, that you feel safe and protected. Not to mention, the abbey is fortunate enough to be nestled in its own pocket of countryside on the Cheshire/Shropshire border – we have plenty of space and our self-catering guests enjoy their own private cottage space and garden. Perfect for BBQs and al fresco dining as we head into the spring and summer.

We plan to reopen on 12th April, and our bookings are now open for the spring and summer. If you’re ready to book your safe staycation with us, then head to our website now to check prices and dates. Don’t forget our cottages are all dog-friendly, they love safe travel too!

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