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Ideas For Retirement Travel In The UK

Estate - 07.02.22

If your life has been hectic thus far, retirement can provide the perfect opportunity for you to sit back, relax and enjoy your own company (or indeed your partner’s). Navigating retirement may be a strange period of your life, you’ll suddenly find yourself with a lot more free time than you’re used to. Many retirees embrace this and take the opportunity to explore, perhaps even creating a bucket list! We find Combermere Abbey is particularly popular amongst those who’ve retired, especially for our midweek stays, so with that experience in mind, our holiday team have put together some ideas for your retirement travel in the UK.

6 Ideas For Retirement Travel 

1. Consider staycationing

Many retirees have exotic destinations on their bucket list, but why not stay a little closer to home and consider all the benefits of staycations or nearcations instead? The past two years has seen overseas travel off the cards at certain points, encouraging us Brits to discover what’s on our doorstep instead. And we certainly haven’t been disappointed! Why rack up the air miles when you could enjoy far more sustainable options in the UK instead? Though we can’t always guarantee the weather, at Combermere Abbey at least we can guarantee a wonderful experience just waiting to be discovered. With acres and acres of woodland, countryside, and gardens, a lake to swim in, and plenty to do within our holiday cottages and North Wing suites too, guests need never even leave the estate. But if they do, on our doorstep you’ll find charming walks, countryside pubs, farmers markets and heaps of local attractions. Who needs to jump on a plane when you have such marvellous staycation options available to you in retirement?


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2. Take Advantage Of Midweek Breaks

Another of the many joys of retirement travel in the UK is the freedom to travel whenever you choose. Midweek breaks, particularly at Combermere Abbey, are quieter and often cheaper too; and with time at your disposal who can argue with that? We’d definitely recommend considering midweek travel if you’re a retiree, as not only can you enjoy the benefits we’ve just listed, but if you’re also venturing into local towns and villages, they’ll no doubt be a little quieter too – giving you ample time and space to explore to your heart’s content! If that sounds good to you, then why not take a look at our midweek availability on our website now?

3. Try Something New… Because Why Not?

If ever there was a time to try something new, then retirement is it! Is there something you’ve always been itching to do, glassblowing, throwing pottery, making your own gin, bird watching, wild flower discoveries…? You can book or do all of these mentioned things close to Combermere. It doesn’t have to be outrageous of course, just something you’ve always had on the bucket list but have never got round to. Trying out new experiences is exhilarating. They say retirement is the beginning of your golden years, after all.

4. Start Taking Your Doggie On Holiday Too

Gone are the days of leaving your furry friend at home when you go on holiday! A combination of lockdown pet adoptions and a surge in staycations has seen our love for dog-friendly holiday accommodation get bigger and bigger in recent years. Lots of bucket lists include overseas travel, but that means it’s much more complicated for your four legged companion to join in on the fun! For retirement travel in the UK, we’d definitely recommend seeking out a staycation where you can bring your dog along. There’s no feeling quite like a fresh morning walk with your pooch before heading back and sitting in front of a log fire. Plus, if you consider our (very) dog-friendly holiday cottages, there are plenty of countryside pubs that welcome furry friends nearby too. Your pooches may even meet Zola and Zansie around the grounds, who live at the abbey!

5. Embrace A Change Of Scenery

Are you used to staycationing in cities when you travel in the UK? Retirement is a good a time as any to change it up a bit and enjoy a different setting. Leave the busyness behind and instead enjoy a relaxing break in the countryside where you can breathe in the clean, fresh air and truly get back to nature. If you’ve spent your working years in the suburb, retirement travel is the perfect time to pull on your hiking boots and get out in the countryside. Our woodland walk is open to guests on the estate all year round, and it’s a firm favourite amongst people who come to stay! Or, why not try out one of the local, more challenging hikes in Cheshire or Shropshire?

6. Delve Into History

Are you a member of the National Trust, or Historic Houses? Then we bet you love exploring homes and gardens steeped in heritage in your free time! Many of the retired travellers who come to visit us, do so because Combermere boasts 889 years of rich and colourful history, which you can immerse yourself in when staying in our restored North Wing B&B suites, or one of our courtyard cottages which used to be stables. Plus, if you’re planning to visit between April and July, our house opens for public tours which are ideal for the history lovers. If you’re an avid fan, you may even choose a special Invitation to View Tour where you can quiz abbey owner Sarah Callander Beckett on all the stories and secrets of our charming historic estate.

Retirement travel in the UK can be as adventurous as anywhere, or as relaxing as laying out on a beach in the sun – depending on what you’re looking for. We may be biased, but we think you can’t beat embracing the Great British outdoors and truly enjoying your freedom, whether that’s alone, with friends or with a loved one. You can find midweek availability at Combermere Abbey, either in our holiday cottages or North Wing B&B suites, on our website.

Photo by Jozef Fehér from Pexels

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