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How To Get Kids Outdoors

Wedding Planning - 26.07.19

The weather’s finally warming up and summer is upon us; which for parents up and down the country means a long stretch of school holidays, with weeks of kids’ free time needing to be filled!

With multiple screens in every room of the house, from televisions to computers to tablets and phones, it can be far too easy for children to spend their summer holidays glued to the latest game or scrolling through viral videos. Without the scheduled play times of the school day, it can be difficult to persuade children to spend some time out of doors in the fresh air. Parents will soon be asking the same question: how to get kids outdoors?

Girl playing Outside at Combermere Abbey

The best way to get children excited about ditching the screens and running around outdoors is to spark their imaginations with a completely new and breathtaking environment. The magical woodlands at Combermere Abbey are the perfect place to let their imaginations run wild – acres of forests are yours to roam and explore with a summer cottage break.

Woodland walks at combermere abbey-cheshire

The rise in the popularity of forest schools in the UK reflects our attitudes towards our children building their confidence, team building and communication skills through outdoor stimulation in nature. In a world where children are increasingly being restricted with health and safety policies, they relish the chance to push their personal boundaries whilst having fun in the great outdoors.

Children in Forest at Comberemere Abbey

With no road traffic to worry about, your children can chase imaginary dragons, play hide and seek with fairies and, best of all, get truly back to nature and build wild woodlands dens! Families can spend some quality time bonding as you hunt through the woodlands to find the best sticks for building a den.

With a long cottage break in August, you and your family can make the most of a last-minute holiday together before the back-to-school chaos begins. You can stay for up to 6 nights with 20% off, leaving you more spending money! We’d definitely recommend a trip the world-famous Chester Zoo, where you can meet their latest resident: Karamoja the baby giraffe, and of course a visit to the Ice Cream Farm for an award-winning scoop or two.

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