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Why You Should Go On A ‘Gin Staycation’

Estate - 23.03.22

You might have heard the exciting news that we have a new neighbour… The fantastic local business, Three Wrens Gin! The Cheshire-based gin company are now based at Juniper House on the Combermere Estate (which was once a redundant cattle shed!). We couldn’t be happier to welcome them, and we’re excited to see how our guests enjoy the mixture of the beautiful relaxing serenity of Combermere Abbey alongside the intriguing experience of a gin tasting.


The new distillery is just a short walk away from Combermere Abbey, on estate roads, making it ideal for our holiday cottage and B&B guests. Then you can pop in to another new estate enterprise – the recently opened Old Piggery Café on Park View Business Centre, which is quite literally next door to Three Wrens and is a lovely spot for lunch.


3 Reasons To Book A ‘Gin Staycation’


Below, we’ve covered all the reasons why having a ‘gin staycation’ (you can stay at Combermere Abbey, and spend a day at the lovely Three Wrens distillery whilst you’re here) is the perfect way to take a breather and unwind in this uniquely perfect setting…


  1. Enjoy The Sunshine


With spring firmly here, doesn’t a glass of gin out in the beautiful outdoors sound perfect? After a long, cold winter, there can be no better way to celebrate the coming of the longer days and nights than by unwinding with a glass. Gin is well-known to be a summer drink, so the timing couldn’t be better. With Three Wrens’ distilling experience, you can take away your very own bespoke gin, so then you may like to relax down by the mere next to your cottage on our beautiful estate afterwards while imbibing your personally created beverage or two. The biggest benefit of a ‘gin staycation’ is that you don’t have to worry about who’s driving home!


  1. Keeping A Low Carbon Footprint


We’ve discussed in past blogs about how a ‘staycation’ is, naturally, far more environmentally-friendly than venturing to the other side of the world. But the eco-friendly aspects of a ‘gin staycation’ aren’t simply reduced to mileage travelled – the fact that you’re supporting and using local businesses is a definite environmental benefit, too! Buying gin from a distiller that uses locally sourced ingredients is just a small way that you’ll be looking out for the planet, and thereby reducing your carbon footprint, since your drink’s ingredients won’t have had to travel from another time zone in order to end up in your glass. It’s a win-win situation!


We at Combermere encourage our guests to make five small steps towards a big impact on the environment. One of them is to ‘give the car a rest too’. This ties in perfectly as our new neighbour is around a 20-25 minute walk from the abbey – no transport required!


  1. Supporting Local Business


Of course, one of the most significant benefits of coming to Combermere Abbey and enjoying a ‘gin staycation’ with us is that you’ll be supporting not one, but two, local businesses – and that’s something we passionately endorse! From supporting the stores in our local towns Whitchurch and Nantwich, to businesses quite literally on our doorstep such as Old Piggery Café, Dashching Doggies and now Three Wrens Gin – we love local and encourage you to too!


Studies have shown that by purchasing goods and services locally creates higher economic returns than by using big businesses, while local businesses recirculate a greater share of profits, create locally owned supply chains.


Book A Gin Staycation: Come And Visit Us Both!


At Combermere Abbey, we’re very excited to be partnering with Three Wrens Gin to offer an experience throughout April that’s not just for the biggest gin aficionados! You can now make your ‘gin staycation’ dreams a reality! When you book a stay with us for a midweek break throughout April, you can experience Three Wrens Gin’s wonderful Gin Tasting and Tour on Tuesday evenings at 4pm. Prices are £25 per person. This is particularly special as the distillery usually only opens on weekends. We just know our midweek guests are going to love this!


Head to our website to find our more, or to Three Wrens Gin’s website to learn more about their award-winning local products.

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