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Enjoying A Holiday In The Time Of Covid Restrictions

Estate - 08.10.20

As 2020 continues to unfold, there are many things that are changing. Currently, we are living under restrictions* that dictate that only 6 people can meet in any indoors or outdoors settings at any one time. This is better known as the ‘rule of 6’.

The introduction of this rule has disrupted a number of things for both businesses and individuals. One thing that it doesn’t need to impact though, is your holiday. There are still a number of ways to enjoy a fantastic getaway in the time of Covid, and in a safe and secure way. Whether that’s with your family, partner or friends.

At Combermere Abbey, we’ve been open for staycations for a few months now and have enjoyed welcoming so many faces, new and old, through our doors to enjoy a well-deserved getaway in the countryside. The happy memories made here recently is testament to the fact that you can still enjoy a holiday with your loved one during this pandemic, so long as it’s in a safe and secure environment. Below, we’re going to tell you about the adjustments we’ve made since reopening our accommodation, and how to enjoy a holiday here this year.

Why Staycations Are The Best Holidays To Take This Year

We may be a little biased, but we believe that staycations are truly the best kind of getaways. Now more than ever.

Autumn is in full swing, and there’s truly no better place to embrace it than the Cheshire and Shropshire countryside. There’s an abundance of places to explore in Cheshire this season. Shropshire too. We’re conveniently positioned on the border of both.

There’s plenty to do on our estate too. Sometimes, it’s just nice to break the cycle and get away for a few days. Whether you live close by or further afield, there’s always something new to discover at Combermere Abbey. We’ve recently introduced the offer of adding an English Afternoon Tea to your stay, or a pre-cooked dinner delivered to your cottage by Covington. You can also bring along board games, cards and favourite programmes  to watch on the TV. As the temperature drops, there’s really no better feeling than snuggling up in front of a cottage log burner and enjoying some quality time with those you love most. Within the estate and beyond, there’s woodland walks to be enjoyed (with plenty of fantastic smells this time of year for your dogs), there’s also a number of local pubs for a lovely supper out.

Staycations can open up a world you’ve never noticed before, despite it being on your doorstep. There are so many things we love about the UK and truly believe a holiday here is like no other. We know travelling in this country is easier at the moment, as there’s no quarantine on your return and presently, rules don’t restrict on travel (so long as those in areas with regional restrictions remain within their household or support bubble).

Holidaying In Line With The ‘Rule Of 6’

If you’re looking for large holiday accommodation in Cheshire, then look no further. Our cottages sleep up to 10 people, but due to the ‘rule of 6’ we have altered them to adhere to these guidelines. Naturally, we’ve changed prices to reflect this too. You can now book our larger holiday cottages for up to 6 people for a reduced rate. There are many benefits of this, we’ve come to find, they include:

  • More space per guest
  • Individual bedrooms for guests
  • If you’re bringing your dog or 2 dogs along (remember our cottages are dog-friendly) then they’ll have plenty of room in the cottage to sniff around and explore
  • If you’re staying in a cottage such as the Malbanc, each guest gets their own bathroom
  • Reduced rates

You can browse options, availability and prices on our website. Or why not give our team a call on 01948 871 662?

Meetups In The Middle

If you missed a celebration this year due to earlier restrictions, then there’s plenty of time to make it up. Whether that was a holiday, or a special date – an autumn getaway is the perfect way to make up for lost time.

Our self-catering cottages are ideal as you can either book a 6-person cottage as a family or group, or you could book 2 or 3 separate cottages that are smaller. This gives you your own privacy, but also the opportunity to meet up and spend time together in the gardens, the woodlands and everywhere else on the estate. It’s a perfect solution for those who might have family or friends up and down the country, as we’re lovely and central. Often, you can even book cottages right next to each other.

Your large family getaway might have been cancelled this year, but we think this is a perfect replacement. Just be sure that whichever way you choose to book, you’re adhering to the Government guidelines by region at all time. Which means those from restricted areas cannot meet up with other households, and those in other areas can, but in groups no larger than 6.

Booking Your Covid Safe Holiday At Combermere Abbey

As we’ve covered above, there are a plethora of benefits to taking a holiday in the UK this year. It’s safer, there’s no quarantine on your return, and there’s so much to be uncovered on home soil. Especially in the heart of the countryside, the perfect place to hit the reset button and relax and unwind for a few days.

We’ve also polished up our staycation offering, to make sure that you’re going to have the very best experience if you come to stay with us.

Don’t forget to check availability and book your stay on our website. Your well-deserved break is just a few clicks away. We have availability in the cottages and both North Wing B&B rooms for the autumn months, including for midi breaks (longer, mid-week breaks) which are priced accordingly. All of our self-catering cottages are dog friendly too.

*Please ensure that your staycation is enjoyed in line with current government Covid-19 regulations.

With thanks for the lovely images: Jessica Rose Williams, Yana Photography, Cheshire Mum & Fiona Hackshall.

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