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Combermere Abbey - Wedding venue in Cheshire




Combermere’s Centenary Celebrations

Estate - 22.03.19

Combermere Abbey is celebrating the centenary of the current owner’s family at the helm! While steeped in a thousand years of history, it was in 1919 that Sir Kenneth Crossley bought the estate and moved from Manchester in to the heart of rural Cheshire.

An image from the 1920’s showing the magnificent North Wing at Combermere Abbey

Sir Kenneth, then Chairman of Crossley Motors – the successful engineering firm founded by his father Sir William Crossley, was a passionate countryman, businessman and author. Overcoming personal tragedy with the loss of his son Anthony and grandson Francis before him, this historic estate is still in the ownership of his great granddaughter Sarah Callander Beckett who took over from her mother Penelope Bostock in 1992.

An image from 1950 of the Porter’s Hall at Combermere Abbey

In the past hundred years the house and estate has seen many changes, and during the Second World War became a school for pupils from St Helena’s Eastbourne. The post-war years saw huge changes leading to severe dilapidation and disrepair of the Abbey and other historic buildings. A twenty-six-year programme of restoration and rejuvenation has turned the estate into a successful tourism and wedding venue business while still remaining a family home.

The library at Combermere Abbey still looks as grand today as it used to

To celebrate this historic centenary, we’ll be hosting a series of special events: including an exclusive lunch with renowned interior designer Nina Campbell, who designed all the luxury interiors of the North Wing at Combermere Abbey in October. We will also be launching a bespoke series of products inspired by the estate produce, including jams, honeys and juice. Guests will be able to purchase them during their stays, and on any of the days the estate opens to the public throughout the year.

Enjoy a stay in one of Combermere Abbey’s self-catering cottages and celebrate our centenary year with us

In 1870, Sir William Crossley co-founded the Manchester and Salford Boys and Girls Society, almost 150 years later this is now known as Together Trust – and it has been chosen as our Centenary charity of the year. This extraordinary charity continues to provide special education, residential services, fostering, family support and community services to young people and adults throughout the North West. A fund has been created and monies from all the activities will support this cause. The staff have created a dedicated committee and two of the gardens team are running the London Marathon for Together Trust.

Keep your eyes peeled on our What’s On page to find out more about our exciting celebratory Centenary updated!

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