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The 6 Best Places To Grab A Pizza In Cheshire & Shropshire

- 25.02.22

Who doesn’t love a pizza? They’re tasty, versatile and cater for pretty much everyone, no matter their dietary requirements! There’s no variation you can’t get to suit you – and your tastebuds! We’re lucky at Combermere Abbey that we live in a beautiful part of the world that contains many wonderful places to eat and drink. Below, we’ve compiled some of the best places in Cheshire and Shropshire to grab a slice (or several!).


The 6 Best Places to Grab A Pizza in Cheshire and Shropshire




Cheshire is teeming with Italian restaurants, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that gets you hooked!




  1. Stile Napoletano, Chester


Stile Napoletano is a staple of the county town and is a huge favourite of locals – so much so that it originally started out as a market stall at Chester Market, but was so well received it was quickly turned into a restaurant on the city’s Watergate Street!


Its pizzas are certainly something to write home about – made from fresh, local ingredients by award-winning pizza chef Giacomo Guido, there’s something for everyone. We love the Zio Giovanni and the Amatriciana!


You can get into Chester in just over 45 minutes by car from Combermere Abbey, and plenty of our guests like to spend the day there.


  1. Barchetta, Wheelock


The so-called ‘most loved restaurant in Wheelock’, Barchetta offers an extensive Italian menu that includes – you guessed it – a wide range of delicious pizzas! We’re also just a half an hour drive from this charming little village!


Classics such as margarita are accompanied by more adventurous dishes such as Barchetta’s signature pizza, and the Vesuvio, for those who like a bit more of a kick in their flavours!



  1. Ring O’Bells, Christleton


In the charming little village of Christleton lies an unassuming pub, Ring O’Bells. But don’t be fooled – it has a wide range of delicious pizzas that range from the simple to the sophisticated!


Even better, the restaurant runs a 2-4-1 pizza deal on Wednesdays…and what’s better than a free pizza?




For those a little further south or who fancy heading there when staying in Combermere Abbey (did you know we’re on the border?!), we’ve got you covered when it comes to the best pizza in Shropshire…


  1. Etzio, Whitchurch


We love that such a renowned Italian restaurant, serving scrumptious pizzas, is so close by to us – a mere 10 minute drive away, in fact!


Etzio’s is a local favourite of Whitchurch residents, and is one of the best-reviewed Italian establishments in Shropshire, offering a wide range of reasonably priced pizzas. This one’s a great choice for calzone lovers, with not one but four choices amongst its menu. Go on – tuck in!


  1. Lepone’s, Shrewsbury

Lepone’s is a family-run restaurant in the heart of Shrewsbury that has captured the hearts of locals, due to its fail-safe quality and warm, inviting atmosphere. Its extensive menu offers something for everyone. Lepone’s range of pizzas includes “The Carbonara”, made with cream, eggs, parmesan and mozzarella – perfect for the cheese-lovers that fancy a change from pasta!


You can get to Shrewsbury from Combermere Abbey in just 45 minutes by car.


  1. Peepo Pizza, Shrewsbury


Yet another Shrewsbury staple, Peepo Pizza is perfect for families, offering an extensive children’s menu and seriously reasonable pizzas. It offers a Pizza Pick and Mix deal for just £9, when you can add anything you like to a margherita base! Its options include duck, squid and blue cheese, as well as more classic options like pepperoni, pineapple and olives.



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