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Beating The Airport Disruption With A Staycation At Combermere Abbey

staycation - 22.06.22

As you’ve no doubt seen – recently, airports around the UK have been total chaos for travellers trying to fly abroad. Not only are people waiting hours on end in queues to check-in, but flights are also being missed, delayed, and unfortunately even cancelled! Some travellers are even arriving five to six hours at the airport before their flight to ensure they can make it through in time with no certainty about the outcome!


That sounds like a lot of avoidable stress if you ask us!

Overseas travel can be thrilling, but a 5am start is anything but pleasant! Due to restrictions over the past few years, we’ve really come to appreciate what’s on our doorstep – why fly away from that now when there’s still a whole world to be discovered on home soil?


We truly believe that staycations have many benefits over travelling abroad, so we want to shed light on the benefit of beating the airport rush and drama, and enjoying a relaxing staycation at Combermere Abbey instead.


5 Benefits Of A Staycation Over Flying Away


1. No need to stress

We know how much people enjoy a relaxing holiday, so who would want to start a well-earned break being stressed and cramped in queues?! No matter where you are in the country, we’re just a car drive away at Combermere Abbey, where you can enjoy a beautiful scenic holiday without the fuss.


2. Staycations are more accessible

There are times when you simply want to escape away for a few days, maybe even on a last-minute whim! Annual leave days might be few and far between for people who work, so it’s critical to make the most of your time! Arranging a weekend getaway is both easier and more feasible when it’s done in the UK. You can arrange and enjoy a soothing holiday at any time of year, even if it’s only for one night. We always post our last minute availability on our Facebook page, so if you’re the spontaneous type, do keep a look out for that.


3. Bring all you want

Weight limitations and baggage dimensions are no longer an issue when you ditch the plane and head on a staycation instead. Instead, you can pack as much clothing, shoes, wild swimming gear and even bring your bike to Combermere for a ride around the area! You can also cover all bases in terms of weather by bringing a variety of clothes to accommodate various UK weather situations too.


4. You can bring your dogs

Unfortunately when traveling abroad you cannot take your furry friends, but with a staycation your pooch gets a holiday too! Don’t leave them behind, because at Combermere Abbey, we’re happy to provide dog-friendly cottages, allowing you to bring your favourite pet along on your jollies. They are family too after all!


5. Supporting local

Supporting local businesses and cultural events are an excellent way to contribute to the sustainability of rural tourism and something we actively encourage at Combermere Abbey. Consider ditching the overseas fuss and shop at local farmers markets to meet local suppliers and sample fabulous British delicacies during your holidays. You could even visit a new café (such as the Old Piggery Café on our estate) which offers fabulous homemade pies and quiches ,or go fruit picking at a nearby orchard. You don’t have to travel for hours on a plane to experience with new things! When you’re on your staycation, you can try local beers and wines, and all proceeds benefit the local economy. At Combermere we have lots of locally run spots for visitors to enjoy. We even have a local gin distiller, Three Wrens Gin, that do amazing tours and tastings on a Saturday on the edge of our estate.


We at Combermere want to offer visitors a stress free, relaxing holiday they won’t forget. If you’re planning a ‘no fly holiday’ why not visit Combermere?


We are located between Cheshire/Shropshire border, which means we’re close to the city of Chester and Shrewsbury, as well as a number of local cafes and bars in our nearby market towns of Nantwich and Whitchurch.


If you want a staycation where you can relax in nature, our estate offers a variety of activities for our guests such as bike riding forest hikes, and den building for the kids.


Explore and enjoy the world around you with us.

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